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"The killing has to stop."
"It won't happen till the last of the Stokes is buried in dirt. Take her out. You have the power."
Luke Cage and Ingrid Mackintosh[src]

Ingrid Mackintosh is the wife of Paul Mackintosh, and the aunt of John McIver.


Life in Jamaica

"Johnny. Talk to the bell captain and get more bags. It's a holiday, ya know? Ya still have work."
"Auntie Ingrid, where's mummy?"
―Ingrid Mackintosh and John McIver[src]
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Life in New York

"Take a seat anywhere you like, love."
"Unfortunately, I'm not here for the food."
"You sure? We have the best curried goat in all the city. Guarantee it."
―Ingrid Mackintosh and Luke Cage[src]
Ingrid Mackintosh was working at Gwen's when Luke Cage entered, looking for Nigel Garrison. When she realized that he was looking for a member of the Yardies, she directed him to several older Jamaican men playing dominos.[1]

When Stephanie Miller visited her cousin, Sheldon, in Gwen's, Sheldon asked Ingrid to cook him some snapperfish.[1]

Massacre at Gwen's

"Listen, we don't have much money. Just take what you want and go."
"Sit your ass down. This ain't no robbery!"
―Ingrid and Mariah's Goon[src]
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Protected by Luke Cage

"Lady! I'm here to protect you!"
"Me know you. Luke Cage. You come fi take me hostage to lure me nephew."
"Look in my eyes. I'm not here to hurt you. Now let's get a move on before Mariah's people come back to finish the job."
Luke Cage and Ingrid Mackintosh[src]
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