The Infiltration into the Stein Mansion was a partially successful attempt by the Runaways to rescue Chase Stein, Karolina Dean, and Janet Stein.


During the Chase of the Runaways, the Magistrate took over Victor Stein's body, his wife took over Stacey Yorkes, and his daughter took over Tina Minoru. They kidnapped Chase Stein, Karolina Dean, and Janet Stein, planning to sacrifice them if necessary. Meanwhile, their former servant, Xavin, joined the Runaways as the group attempted to recover their friends.[1]


While Xavin and Molly Hernandez distracted the Magistrate's family, Nico Minoru and Alex Wilder ran into the Stein Mansion, where the Gibborim have been living and keeping Chase Stein, Karolina Dean, and Janet Stein. Minoru entered Dean's Healing Algorithm world and Wilder enter Janet's where she and Chase have figured out that they're in the algorithm thanks to various glitches in the algorithm.[2]

When the Magistrate and his family returned, Wilder and Minoru had to hide in the closet. Minoru had dropped the Staff of One, however, which the Magistrate picked up. 

Janet, Chase, and Dean managed to reunite in the Healing Algorithm and tried to find a way to escape. When the Magistrate realized this, he started lowering the oxygen in Chase's tank, which started to kill him. Dean used her powers to effect the real world, restoring the oxygen, and Minoru left the closet and began to fight the Magistrate, who destroyed the Staff of One. While Minoru and the Magistrate started physically fighting, Wilder worked on breaking the prisoners out of the Healing Algorithm.

Jonah vs Nico - R302

Nico Minoru fighting the Magistrate

Gert YorkesOld Lace, Xavin, and Molly Hernandez arrived and helped in the fight. The Magistrate was eventually trapped using Inhibitor Pods. Wilder successfully rescued Dean and Chase, but did not have enough time to rescue Janet, who sacrificed herself and became part of the Healing Algorithm.[3]


The Runaways left the Magistrate to die, and he was later saved by his daughter. The Magistrate's family then activated a beacon to their home planet.

With the Magistrate and his family angered, they began looking for the fourth missing member, as the Runaways realized it has to be one of them, resulting in the Search for the Magistrate's Son.[4]


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