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"Did you think you could stop the future with a heist?!"
"It was never just a heist!"
Yellowjacket and Ant-Man[src]

The Infiltration into Pym Technologies Headquarters was a heist devised by Scott Lang, Hank Pym and their allies to prevent Darren Cross from selling the Yellowjacket Suit to HYDRA and the Ten Rings.


"My days of breaking into places and stealing shit are over. What do you want me to do?"
"I want you to break into a place and steal some shit."
Scott Lang and Hank Pym[src]

Using Ants to break Scott Lang out from his cell, Hank Pym helped him inside a San Francisco Police Station, bringing him the Ant-Man Suit and guiding him out. The following day, Pym and his daughter, Hope van Dyne, started training Lang through a series of trials, preparing him to steal the Yellowjacket Suit from Darren Cross at Pym Technologies. After Lang infiltrated the New Avengers Facility to steal a device that Pym had created, Pym got an unexpected visit from Darren Cross.

Just as Cross observed the residence, Lang and van Dyne concealed themselves, commanding the many ants to conceal evidence of the Ant-Man Suit. After Cross left Pym's house, he called van Dyne, announcing his intention to increase security at Pym Tech. Realizing their plan had started be in trouble, Lang suggested they should infiltrate the building using the water main, noting they could get someone on the inside to turn the water pressure down so they could access it. Lang suggested they should bring in his associates, Luis, Dave, and Kurt Goreshter. Despite Pym initially refused to rely on three "wombats," Lang convinced him to reluctantly agree with the plan, leading the three to bring them to Pym's residence.[1]


Undercover Operation

"We’re all doing this for reasons much bigger than any one of us. I’m just glad that you might have a slight chance of maybe pulling this off."
Hope van Dyne to Scott Lang[src]

Ant-Man riding Ant-thony through the control room

After Scott Lang convinced Hank Pym to get his friends and former partners in crime to help them break into Pym Technologies Headquarters, the three were brought in and introduced to the plan. Luis went undercover as a security guard to turn down the water pressure so Lang could break in through the pipes. Meanwhile, Dave and Kurt parked a van outside and dropped Lang and his team of ants into a drain cover and then began monitoring Lang's progress. Lang floated down the water pipe on a raft of fire ants until he reached the plumbing, where he and a group of ants crawled up a sink into a bathroom and proceeded to break into the main control room. Flying on the back of Ant-thony, Lang had the ants plant the explosives.

Meanwhile, Darren Cross invited Hope van Dyne and Hank Pym to his unveiling of the Yellowjacket Suit. Outside, Dave and Kurt inadvertently revealed their van to Jim Paxton, forcing them to hide while Kurt disabled the security system for Lang.[1]

Capturing Ant-Man

Darren Cross captures Ant-Man

"I always suspected you had a suit stored away somewhere, which begs the question, who is the new Ant-Man? Who is the man that my beloved mentor trusted even more than me? Scott Lang. The martyr, who took on the system and paid the price, losing his family and his only daughter in the process. Exactly your kind of guy, Hank."
Darren Cross to Hank Pym[src]

The moment Scott Lang landed in the container that was holding the Yellowjacket Suit, Darren Cross took the suit out. Lang was stuck until he used one of his Pym Particles Disks and broke out. During the confusion of Lang's escape, Mitchell Carson escaped with the imitation Pym Particles, while being attacked by ants. Cross shot Hank Pym before escaping with the Yellowjacket suit. Hope van Dyne told Lang to get Cross while she took care of Pym. During Lang's escape, he was attacked by security. He was almost dead until Luis saved him. Pym and van Dyne escaped using a Shrunken Tank that Pym used as a key chain, and Pym Technologies was imploded, using the charges set by Lang.

Darren Cross donning the Yellowjacket Suit

Cross escaped to his helicopter with Lang and the ants in hot pursuit. Cross defended himself with a pistol and started shooting, one bullet hitting Ant-thony head-on, forcing Lang to ride another carpenter ant, vowing revenge. Lang clung onto the helicopter and fought Cross and his two guards. With his guards disabled, Cross donned the Yellowjacket suit and fought against Lang. The two fought inside Cross' briefcase before the briefcase crashed into a household pool.[1]


"After hearing about the Pym Technologies disaster, you even thought she'd been reduced to a microscopic level."
Phil Coulson to Leo Fitz[src]
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Landing in the backyard, Darren Cross threatened the resident family until Scott Lang stopped Cross, and they continued their fight. Lang managed to swat Cross into a bug zapper; however, Jim Paxton appeared and electrocuted Lang, proceeding to arrest him. Cross then got zapped by the bug zapper, acting like a defibrillator, coming back to life but proceeded to Maggie Lang's House.[1]

The whole incident gave Leo Fitz the idea that Jemma Simmons might be missing because she was shrunken to a microscopic level, which turned out to be false.[2]


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