The Infiltration into Melvin Potter's Workshop was a failed attempt by Melvin Potter to kill the Masked Man.


"Need anything else, Mr. Fisk, sir?"
"Not today, Mr. Potter."
Melvin Potter and Wilson Fisk[src]

Melvin Potter was forcibly recruited by Wilson Fisk to design and build armor and protective suits for him. When Potter refused, Fisk warned him that he intended to hurt his friend and caregiver Betsy Beatty if Potter did not do as instructed.[6][7]

After Matt Murdock returned home and tried to meditate to calm his mind and recover his body, he continued to suffer from the memories of his violent fights with Nobu Yoshioka and Wilson Fisk. Putting his suit back on, he tracked down and chased Turk Barrett and disarmed him. He threatened that if he went for any of his backup weapons, he would throw him off the roof. Murdock demanded to know where Fisk got his armored suits from. Barrett initially claimed to not know but quickly revealed that it was Melvin Potter when Murdock nearly threw him off the roof.[7]


"You shouldn't be here."
Melvin Potter to Daredevil[src]

Arriving at Melvin Potter's Workshop, the Masked Man explored the Workshop and noticed the designs and blueprints on the tables. He was soon interrupted by the arrival of Melvin Potter. Potter appeared confused and frightened, claiming that no one should be there. Potter then attacked Murdock with martial arts, brute strength similar to Wilson Fisk's and various items around the workshop including chains and buzzsaws. Eventually, Murdock managed to overpower Potter with a strangle hold and spoke to him. Murdock quickly realized that Potter was a mentally unstable man who was being forced to work for Wilson Fisk under the threat that his friend and caregiver Betsy Beatty would be killed. Murdock promised he would protect Potter and Beatty if he designed an armored suit for him.[7]


After Wilson Fisk being taken to prison, Matt Murdock celebrated with Foggy Nelson and Karen Page. They raised their glasses in tribute to everyone Fisk had hurt, including Elena Cardenas and Ben Urich. However during their celebrations, a news report came on the television showing that the armored van carrying Wilson Fisk was being hijacked. They decided to get home quickly before they became endangered, but Murdock decided to leave them and get his own taxi. Murdock took a cab to Melvin Potter's Workshop where he collected his new red and black armored suit.[8]


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