"Why are you here?"
Dinah Madani and Jigsaw[src]

The Infiltration into Dinah Madani's Apartment was a confrontation between Dinah Madani and Jigsaw who broke into Madani's apartment.


"I have to know why he wants me dead. I have to know."
Jigsaw to Krista Dumont[src]

Jigsaw and Krista Dumont discuss Punisher

While his crew celebrated continued success with their moves to the world organized crime with their robberies, Billy Russo had also continued his relationship with Krista Dumont, sleeping together at their apartment. As Russo and Dumont discussed the future, the conversation took a turn to talking about Frank Castle, with Russo telling Dumont that he needed to deal with him first. Despite Dumont telling Russo to not to allow Castle to define who he was, Russo told her that he needed to know why Castle wanted to kill him.[1]


"You sold out everything you ever stood for, anyone you ever cared about, and you did it for money and status. Left Frank for dead, covered in blood of his wife and children. That's who you are."
Dinah Madani to Jigsaw[src]

Seeking answers on everything that he had forgotten, Billy Russo went to the apartment of Dinah Madani. Finding the apartment empty, Russo then began exploring the rooms, knowing that he and Madani had previously had a relationship. Walking in the bedroom, Russo looked at Madani's belongings, finding his Personal Journal which Madani had stolen from Sacred Saints Hospital.


Jigsaw confronts Dinah Madani in her home

Eventually, Madani returned home as Russo stepped out of sight, while she put her gun on her bed and step back into the kitchen. Russo then took Madani's gun and finally revealed himself, questioning if Madani had had a tough day as he watched her pour a glass of whiskey for herself. Now seeing him, Madani commented on the good work the doctors did on his face after his disfigurement. With Russo questioned why Madani hated him so much, Madani instead demanded to know why he had come there, to which Russo had told her that he was looking for answers.


Jigsaw furiously threatens to kill Dinah Madani

While he sat down on her chair, Russo questioned Madani if she would shoot him if she had the chance, as Madani furiously insisted that she would in a heartbeat. While Madani called him the same psychotic asshole he had always been, Russo simply revealed, his old journal which was filled with his sketches of the Skull Imagery, asking how he had discovered that Frank Castle was the one who destroyed his face. As Madani denied all knowledge of Castle, Russo furiously threatened to kill her with her own gun.

Once Russo questioned how this happened to him, Madani confronted him and told Russo how he had sold out everything he had ever stood for in the United States Marine Corps, all in exchange for money and status, also telling Russo that he had left Castle for dead covered in the blood of his wife and children. Although Russo tried to deny this, Madani explained that when Castle discovered his betrayal he furiously came after him and got his revenge.


Dinah Madani reveals the truth about Jigsaw

Having Russo telling Madani that he did not believe her and was lying, Madani went on to claim that Castle had wanted Russo to live with his mistakes on his face for the rest of his life and should simply shoot himself. Remaining confident, Russo claimed that he was a hard man to kill and noted about the good times they shared together, commenting on how he believed that Madani was still dreaming of him. Russo then walked out, while promising to kill Madani if she followed him, leading Madani to feel horrified for intruding her home.[1]


"You have something special, Billy. You have built yourself up from nothing, twice. Fought your way out of hell more times than you can count. Frank didn't take things from you. He gave you, us, a second chance."
"I want him to feel what I felt. I want him to suffer."
Krista Dumont and Jigsaw[src]

Returning into Krista Dumont's apartment, Billy Russo spoke to her about how much he had always loved Frank Castle's family, while also commenting that if there was any kind of possibility that he might have had any kind of a part having them killed. Knowing his reason to infiltrate Dinah Madani's home, Dumont questioned how Russo had felt seeing his former lover, but Russo simply insisted that he felt nothing as he could not remember his relationship with Madani while promising that the only person who mattered to him was Dumont.

Getting more frantic with the situation, Russo insisted that Castle would never stop until he killed him, noting that he would not stop if it was the other way around, to which Dumont suggested that they leave New York City and hide. After Dumont insisted that Russo had something special which had been proved when he had built himself up from nothing, he declared revenge against Castle, while noting that he wanted Castle to feel his pain.[1]


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