"How much is it?"
"It's free. But you are not gonna like what we have to do to get it. We're goin' back to Atlas Academy."
Nico Minoru and Alex Wilder[src]

The Infiltration into Atlas Academy was a mission undertaken by the Runaways and Topher to steal a computer from the school.


"There is no way that this old computer's gonna be able to take down the security at the site."
"And that's on top of another big problem, a homeless kid with yellow eyes is squatting in our house."
"Right. Maybe one big problem can help us solve the other one."
Alex Wilder and Chase Stein[src]

Having fled from PRIDE, the Runaways hid in the Hostel, an underground mansion located near Griffith Observatory. Despite the teenagers having various objectives now that they were living on the run, Alex Wilder remained determined to put an end to PRIDE's activities on the PRIDE Construction Site, especially because of the potential cataclysmic earthquake that it could cause. To that end, Wilder planned on hacking into the dig site's security system and causing them to fail so the site could be taken down.

However, due to his equipment being too limited, he needed to steal an advanced computer from the Runaways' old school, Atlas Academy. In order for the theft to be perpetrated, Wilder enlisted assistance from Topher, a teenager who displayed superhuman abilities similar to Molly Hernandez's and who had been begrudgingly sheltered at the Hostel.[1]


"I walked into the computer lab. Dialed 19-26-3. And here you go. You're welcome."
Topher to Alex Wilder[src]

Using different cars, the Runaways and Topher went to Atlas Academy. Once near the premises of the school, Alex Wilder gave Topher all the instructions he needed to locate the computer lab and steal the computer Wilder needed. The Runaways then remained outside the school and waited for Topher to return. However, an earthquake occurred shortly after Topher entered the school, causing the building's evacuation and preventing Topher from actually taking the computer. The Runaways thus decided to step in, with Wilder and Chase Stein entering the school while Nico Minoru and Molly Hernandez stood watch on the parking lot.

EiffesS02 1

Eiffel is approached by Chase Stein

However, it turned out that Gert Yorkes was also suddenly missing. Indeed, due to her anxiety issues, she had gone to the nurse in order to find some meds, but was recognized by the nurse Wilson, who made a call to report having encountered Yorkes, which in turn alerted PRIDE. Yorkes thus fled and found Wilder, waiting outside the gender-neutral bathroom in which Stein attempted to get a master key from his former classmate Eiffel, who agreed to give it to him in exchange for a selfie due to his fugitive status.

R204 Runaways Hiding Atlas Academy

The Runaways hide from PRIDE

Thanks to Eiffel's key, Wilder was able to unlock the computer lab. However, they were then joined by Minoru and Hernandez who warned them that PRIDE had arrived to Atlas Academy, forcing the Runaways to flee before actually stealing the computer. Using the master key, the Runaways were able to hide in the school's secret stairs, but were forced to leave the building without the computer they were looking for. However, once they left the premises, they were reunited with Topher who revealed that he had managed to take the computer, which he gave to Wilder.[1]


"So we broke into Atlas for this thing, and now you're stripping it for parts?"
"No. I am adding parts, turning it from a super computer into a super-duper computer or something like that."
Nico Minoru and Alex Wilder[src]

The advanced computer equipment stolen by the Runaways theoretically gave Alex Wilder a decisive advantage in order to take down the security systems of the PRIDE Construction Site so that the Runaways could destroy the whole infrastructure and protect California.[2] Eventually though, Wilder was forced to go along with a less aggressive method due to the reveal that there were living Gibborim in the hole of the dig site.[3]

The fact that he had been of significant help in the theft helped Topher to be better accepted within the Runaways who expressed their gratitude towards them.[1] However, this slight trust quickly collapsed after the reveal that Topher was actually using Gibborim Rocks to get his powers and after his addiction caused the entire team to be at risk.

Having seen the selfie featuring Chase Stein posted online by Eiffel, which had brought her a significant amount of web popularity, PRIDE interrogated her and quickly figured out what the Runaways had stolen from Atlas Academy. They then discussed the potential uses of the computer, especially regarding the dig site.[4]


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