"I've had to be a fighter, too. No other way to survive the shit I've been through. But you reminded me I used to care about people. I used to be a nurse."
―Inez Green to Jeri Hogarth[src]

Inez Green is a former nurse who was employed for IGH.


Days in IGH

"I wasn't a patient. I was a nurse."
"You worked for IGH?"
"She was the patient."
"Tell me."
"We were just putting her to bed and she threw me like I was a rag doll. Ten feet into a glass cabinet. I broke my back. Glass ripped me to shreds. Then she got Luanne, the other nurse. She twisted that poor girl's head clean around."
―Inez Green and Jessica Jones[src]

Inez Green was a brand-new nurse working with IGH providing aftercare for their human trial subjects. While training for the job, Inez and Luanne were attack by their patient, Alisa Jones. Luanne was killed by Alisa, and although Inez survived, she sustained extensive lacerations and psychological trauma.[3]

Hiding in Paranoia

"We just want to know why you're hiding. Who's after you?"
"After me? Every loser out there with a dick. Know what it's like to be a woman on the streets?"
Jessica Jones and Inez Green[src]

Following her recovery, Inez attempted to return to nursing, but her unresolved psychological trauma prevented her from offering quality patient-care. When she could no longer work as a nurse, Inez worked in fast food then at an adult video store before during to sex work. Unable to pay rent, she eventually started living on the streets.[4] Inez was homeless off and on for nearly a decade, meeting and falling in love with Shane Ryback.[5] When Ryback was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, Green ended up on the streets again.[4]

Client Protection

Green having a drink with Jeri Hogarth

"A woman like you, with awards and all that, you don't just invite in some stranger off the streets, give the royal treatment."
"I have an agreement with Jessica to keep you safe."
"Well, there are plenty of places to keep me safe. Why dirty your fancy sheets? Tell me what you want from me. Really. Or I'm leaving."
"I want to know everything that you know about IGH. Specifically, about the experiments."
―Inez Green and Jeri Hogarth[src]

While Shane awaited trial for 15-months, Inez was approached by Jessica Jones and Trish Walker seeking information about IGH.[1] To protect Inez, they placed her with Jeri Hogarth. Seeing an opportunity to free Shane, Inez began to manipulate Jeri telling her that Shane was a former IGH patient that developed a healing ability. Hopeful about her future, Jeri became intimate with Inez and quickly became infatuated with her.[4]

Scamming Jeri Hogarth

"My trust is hard to win, and I gave it to you. And you crushed me."
Jeri Hogarth to Inez Green[src]

After meeting with Shane, Jeri was able to free him. In exchange for her legal service, Shane agreed to "heal" Jeri. Not long after being "healed", Jessica Jones learned that Inez was lying and that Shane was a fraud. Jessica shared this information with Jeri. Shocked, Jeri returned home to find that she had been robbed.[6]

With the money from pawning Jeri's stolen possessions, Shane and Inez began living together again. Jeri was able to find Inez convinced her that Shane had been cheating on her and hiding money. Feigning concern for her safety, Jeri gave Inez a gun for "protection". Infuriated at Shane by Jeri's misinformation, Inez approached Shane, engaged in a heated argument, and shot Shane, killing him. Before leaving the area, Jeri called the police to report a shooting.[5]


"I call her Mean-ez Mean. Woman hates everybody."
"She's a misanthrope."
―Homeless Man and Jessica Jones[src]

Inez Green once had a lively attitude working as a nurse for IGH. However, after being attacked by Alisa Jones and left to stare at the lifeless body of her friend Luanne McClure, Green became fearful and ultimately feared the underground organization. She lived homeless in paranoia, believing that IGH would soon come after her and kill her; Green was also unyielding to trust those that claim to care for her safety, repeatedly asking Jeri Hogarth for her actual intentions for leaving her in her apartment.


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  • Smith & Wesson Model 60: Green obtained this revolver from Jeri Hogarth, who told her lies about how Shane Ryback had also conned her by flattering other women. Moments later, Green killed Ryback with the gun, and Hogarth anonymously reported the crime to the police, thus obtaining her revenge against Green and Ryback.





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  • Initially, her name was going to be Ingrid.


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