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"Industrial Garments and Handling. Will you check the address again?"
"It's correct."
"IGH. I get it. It must be a front."
Jessica Jones and Malcolm Ducasse[src]

Industrial Garments & Handling Facility was a old facility building that was used by Karl Malus as a front for IGH and its experiments.


Alisa Jones

First Awakening

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Five Years

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Escape from IGH Facility

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Jessica Jones

First Revisits

"Something happened behind these doors. We were made here. Me, Whizzer and something else."
Jessica Jones[src]

Under the cover of night, Jessica Jones traveled to the IGH Facility, breaking the padlock and chains that barred the exterior doors. With her cellphone used as a flashlight and camera, she strolled through the dusty and vacant corridors of the building, peering through the doors and experiencing vague flashbacks from her time there. Eventually, Jones stopped at a door, deciding to leave with the pictures she had.[2]

Final Experiment

"An abandoned industrial garment warehouse went up in flames tonight. Police are reporting one casualty. This man, Dr. Karl Malus, 57, a retired physician."
―TV News Reporter[src]

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