Indiana is a state located in the midwestern and Great Lakes regions of the United States of America.


Beginning of World War II

Bucky Barnes was flirting with two girls from Indiana who were walking through the Brooklyn Bridge. One the girls asked Barnes if he was one of those silver-tongued city types her mother warned her about, although Barnes replied her mother would have given her a recommendation instead of a warning if she knew him.

His best friend, Steve Rogers, despite his frail physical condition, was very concerned with enlisting the United States Armed Forces after a bombing over Pearl Harbor a few days before, and asked Barnes to prepare him as a physical trainer. Rogers approached Barnes during their walk, having achieved a record in his running time, but Barnes told him that was just the first lap and that he should reduce the time in ten seconds. Barnes continuing talking with the girls from Indiana as Rogers left.[1]

Clairvoyant Suspects


Muncie, Indiana

Phil Coulson and John Garrett traveled to Muncie, Indiana, as one of the random teams chosen to investigate the candidates rejected from the Index as possible identities for the Clairvoyant.

While approaching the location of the candidate in the S.H.I.E.L.D. SUV, Garrett told Coulson one of his stories about a former mission in Sicily, and how he hit the last enemy he confronted with a flare gun, as he emptied his last magazine. Seeing that Coulson was not impressed with the story, Garrett asked him if he had already told that story; Coulson answered that he was there too during the whole mission. As Garrett did not remember it, he guessed he either was getting old, or drank too much during his 30s. Coulson even corrected one of the details of the story, as Garrett did not go through the skylight, though Garrett confessed he simply added that detail to make a better story.

The two agents received the file with the candidate's identity, Noriko Sato, a 19-year-old junior student at Ball State University. Garrett recognized her name as a student who was able to overcome every agent sent to interrogate her thanks to her high I.Q., though there was no indication that she was gifted, only that her family had ties to the Yakuza.

Coulson and Garrett were stopped by a construction crew who forced them to take a detour, and then their way was blocked by a construction truck. Feeling it could be an ambush, Garrett drew his weapon as he asked Coulson if that mission could become a good story someday. Another car stopped behind them, and as Victoria Hand informed the rest of the teams that Felix Blake was attacked by Deathlok, Coulson quickly left the scene evading the pursuing car and the blockings.[2]


  • In the comics, Bucky Barnes is born in Shelbyville, Indiana.


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