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"Time and distance, they afford a certain clarity. I realized that this city was a part of me, that it was in my blood. And I would do anything to make it a better place for people like you."
Wilson Fisk to Vanessa Marianna

In the Blood is the fourth episode of the first season of the television series Daredevil.


Two vicious Russian brothers working for Fisk strike back against Daredevil. Fisk moves to further consolidate his power in the criminal underworld.



Eight years ago, Anatoly and Vladimir Ranskahov were jailed in Utkin Prison in Russia. Vladimir took the bones of one of their cellmates who was left inside their cell to rot and made weapons which he and Anatoly used to escape. They decided not to return to Moscow where they once lived as princes, but to come to New York City to forge a new life.

Presently, the Masked Man is getting his wounds stitched by Claire Temple after a confrontation with the Russians. He gives her a phone so he could contact her before he arrives.

Ben Urich tells Karen Page to stop pursuing Union Allied Construction, because she was lucky to have escaped her previous encounters. Ultimately, he decides to help her, but, for her safety, she needs to practice discretion and not allow them to be seen together.

Vanessa Marianna and Wilson Fisk

Meanwhile, Wilson Fisk asks Vanessa Marianna on a date and she accepts.

James Wesley gives an offer from Fisk to the Ranskahov Brothers: allow him to have control over the assets he just got for them from Prohaszka and he will deal with the Masked Man. Vladimir is against it; Anatoly is more susceptible. The brothers decide that they can deal with the masked man themselves. They awaken Semyon from his coma and learn where Claire Temple's Apartment is. Sergei does not find Temple there, but he makes Santino tell him where she is.

As Murdock and Foggy Nelson discuss how Nelson wishes he was a big-time lawyer, Murdock gets a phone call from Temple; he hears her screams over the phone. Finding her in the garage of Veles Taxi, the "man in black" fights the Russians and frees Temple, who hits Sergei with an aluminium bat.

Ranskahov is murdered by Wilson Fisk

Anatoly decides to accept Fisk's offer, but, in his enthusiasm, interrupts the date between Fisk and Marianna. Marianna tells Fisk that she regrets going out with him, much to Fisk's heartbreak. Enraged at being embarrassed in front of Marianna, Fisk kills Anatoly by smashing his head with his car door until it decapitates him. Wesley tells Fisk that Anatoly's death will start a war; Fisk says that he's counting on it.

Temple reassures the Masked Man that he can make a difference in Hell's Kitchen; he tells her his real name is Matthew.


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