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"Because of who you are, there will always be forces gathering against you preparing, waiting looking for a weakness in you. Disguised as a friend. Slipping past you as a stranger. They are everywhere. You must always be aware of their presence, because they are aware of you. They study your every move, looking for what you reveal to them. In this way, you are your own worst enemy."
Lei Kung to Danny Rand

Immortal Emerges from Cave is the sixth episode of the first season of the television series Iron Fist.


Danny receives an invitation like no other. Colleen and Claire face a difficult choice. Joy confronts her brother.


The video of Danny Rand apologizing to Regina Fitzgerald for the chemical plant incident goes viral, which negatively affects Rand Enterprises. Joy Meachum decides to contact the Crisis Intervention Resources to handle the situation, although she notices that Ward acts quite strange. Ward assures Joy that he is perfectly fine and demonstratively throws away his muscle relaxers, in an attempt to calm her down. Joy tells him that the situation is dire and Rand needs to be present at the meeting, asking Ward to make nessesary preparations.


Rand continues to research the company data, as Megan brings him more files from Rand Enterprises archives. Rand suggests that the Hand might use the Rand Enterprises resources to support their heroin traffic, but Ward tells him that they have more pressing issues on their plate. Ward informs Rand about the PR situation, but he is more focused on saving Sabina Bernivig from the Hand, noting that Fitzgerald was in the right. Rand reluctantly agrees to attend the meeting, but asks Ward to investigate the company warehouses with him to get over with it before the meeting.

Claire Temple treats to Radovan Bernivig's wounds at Chikara Dojo, remarking that he needs to be taken to the hospital, despite Radovan's protests. Colleen Wing doubts that the hospital is a good idea, but Temple insists that otherwise, Radovan will die, and that Rand must find his daughter as soon as possible. Radovan keeps protesting that if he gets found, the Hand will kill Sabina, so Wing assures him that they will wait until Rand rescues her.

King's Head.png

After finding nothing in three warehouses, Rand and Ward arrive at the fourth one where they find the Rand Enterprises truck where Radovan was being held. They find King's severed head inside the truck, much to Ward's shock, as he decides not to call the police to avoid another scandal for Rand Enterprises. Rand notices a message left to him by the Hand, inviting him to participate in Da Jue Zhan, a grand duel against the Hand's most formidable warriors. Rand tells Wing and Temple that if he wins, he can demand the Hand to let Sabina go, although they are concerned that Rand goes into the fight without thinking first. Wing proposes to join the battle as well, but Rand tells her that it's only his battle, and he must fight the Hand on his own.

Returning to his office, Ward suffers from the mental shock, as Megan threw away the drugs from his trash can. Joy then takes Ward to the crisis intervention meeting, but Ward tells her that Rand will not be attending, so they must handle the situation on their own. Ward and Joy meet with Wayne Olsen who comments on the viral success of the video with Rand, saying that he might have contributed to Rand Enterprises public image in a better way.

As Rand prepares for the challenge, Wing notices that he is afraid and offers her help again, but Rand insists that he must go through it on his own. Wing is concerned that if Rand fails the tournament, he will be killed, but Rand assures her that he will be victorious no matter what. Rand then recites the teachings of Lei Kung who trained him to become the sworn destroyer of the Hand, before heading out to participate in the tournament. Meanwhile, Radovan's condition grows worse, so Temple and Wing have no choice but to take him to the hospital.

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Walking into the Wai-Go Industries Warehouse, Rand states that he accepts the challenge and if he wins, the Hand will liberate Sabina and depart from Rand Enterprises. In response, Madame Gao tells Rand that if he loses but remains alive, he must stop interferring with the Hand's business in New York City, which Rand accepts. Proceeding with Da Jue Zhan, Rand encounters the first contestants: Andrei and Grigori Veznikov, and fights them in the circle of blood. The Veznikov brothers notice that the Iron Fist must not abandon his duty to guard K'un-Lun, calling Rand unworthy of his title and his power. Enraged, Rand emerges into a fight with the Veznikovs and defeats Grigori, while forcing Andrei to yield, and takes the victory in the first match.

Temple and Wing bring unconsious Radovan to Metro-General Hospital, administrating him to the medical care, while Temple meets with Shirley Benson. Benson agrees to help Temple and arranges nurses to provide aid to Radovan, without asking any questions. However, Wing still doubts that they did the right thing, recalling Radovan's fears of the Hand if he gets found, but Temple assures her that everything will be okay.


Gao walks Rand to the second challenge, in which he confronts the Bride of Nine Spiders, who uses deception and seductive techniques to secretly inject Rand with the poison. Rand is unable to resist Geomi's attacks, as she continues to attack and provoke Rand to make the poison spread through his body. Geomi tells Rand that he is deluding himself and promises to give him what he wants, but Lei Kung's teachings help him focus and resist Geomi. Rand easily defeats Geomi and takes the victory, and although Gao notices that he is still affected by the poison, Rand refuses to withdraw.

Joy and Olsen discuss how to handle the situation in the company, while Ward suffers from the manic episode, recalling King's severed head which traumatized him. Ward abruptly ends the meeting and tries to get himself another dose of medicine, but the pharmary does not give him anything without prescription. Ward tries to bribe the clerk and loses his temper, but he gets found by Joy who asks him about what is going on with him. Ward tries to tell Joy that it was a mere inconvinience, but Joy is still worrying about him and accompanies him on the way back.

At Metro-General, Temple and Wing suddenly find out that Radovan did not arrive to the operating room, suspecting that something might have happened. They realize that Radovan was kindnapped by the Hand members who disguised as the nurses, so Wing fights them, however, they still manage to capture Radovan and escape.


Rand faces the final challenge: the Scythe, who taunts Rand that he lacks the conviction of a warrior, before fighting him. As Lei Kung tells Rand to embrace his destiny, Rand strikes the Scythe with his Iron Fist, but before he can finish him, Gao stops him by threatening to kill Sabina. Gao breaks the rules and demands Rand to forfeit in exchange for Sabina's safety, but Lei Kung's teachings claim that the Iron Fist must destroy the Hand at any cost. Rand, however, complies to Gao's demands and forfeits, but before he walks out with Sabina, Gao reveals that she was in K'un-Lun. Gao wonders why Rand abandoned his post and came to New York, before hinting to Rand that she had a connection with his father.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
Take On Me
(A-ha cover)
David Sakurai
  • Scythe sings karaoke after killing everyone in a club's karaoke room. He stops to finish a man off before going over to a trembling waitress with a summoning message from Madame Gao.
The Battle Is Won Trevor Morris
I Am the Weapon Trevor Morris
  • Danny Rand continues to fight with Scythe while using the power of the 'iron fist' which impresses Madame Gao; Gao leaves and returns with Sabina Bernivig. She offers Sabina in exchange for Danny withdrawing from the battle. Danny leaves with Sabina but can't help but focus on the fact that he could have won; Danny watches as the mental image of his mentor Lei Kung turns his back towards him.
New Digs Trevor Morris


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