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"'Tis nothing shameful about surrendering to a nakedly superior foe, boy."
―Imir to Thor[src]

Imir is an Asgardian who plotted to overthrow Odin and become the new king of Asgard and point it to new glories.


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Imir plotted to overthrow Odin as the king of Asgard and forced the Dwarves to create him a special axe which can match any opponent and break the fabric of reality.

When Thor found out what Imir wanted, he battled and defeated him summoning thunder through the chimney of the Dwarven Forges, rendering him unconscious.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Using the axe forged by the Dwarves, Imir had the ability to cut the fabric of reality to create doorways he could enter. During his fight with Thor, Imir teleported multiple times to strike his foe and not receive a counterpunch.


  • Combatant: Imir was limited in his fighting prowess, depending on the axe to keep Thor surprised and off-balance in battle; however, he refused to engage Thor without its use.


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Other Equipments