"The integration of my illusion tech, with your weaponized drones, was brilliant."
Mysterio to William Ginter Riva[src]

The Illusion Projectors are devices created by Quentin Beck by integrating his holographic illusion technology with the Stark Industries Combat Drones.


Quentin Beck's Campaign

"So all that death and destruction we witnessed was created by this?"
"No, not just this. I think he's using drones."
―"Nick Fury" and Spider-Man[src]

After his holographic illusion invention was renamed by Tony Stark as "B.A.R.F." and his subsequent dismissal from Stark Industries due to mental instability, Quentin Beck teamed up with ex-Stark employee William Ginter Riva to integrate the hologram technology with the latter's Stark Industries Combat Drones to create illusion projectors. The projectors created a realistic illusion of the Elementals that Beck used to feign several crises across the globe, successfully initiating attacks in Mexico, Morocco, and Venice.

Arriving at Prague, Beck used the projectors to create the Molten Man illusion to stage a fight. During the confrontation, Spider-Man hit one of the projectors with his web and caused it to fall. The projector was found by Michelle Jones who later showed it to Parker and accidentally turned it on. As the dropped the projector, it activated the illusion of the air Elemental and Parker realized that Beck was a fraud.

Quentin Beck's Crew used the E.D.I.T.H. that Beck previously received from Parker to increase the efficiency of their illusions with the swarm of new drones. William Ginter Riva activated the Elemental Fusion to stage the last fight and eliminate both Jones and Ned Leeds as well. However, the illusion was sabotaged by Spider-Man who took down several drones, causing Riva to deactivate the illusion, so Beck could send the drones to kill Parker.[1]


"Powerful illusions, real damage, worked like a charm."
Mysterio to William Ginter Riva[src]

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