"Didn't this used to be Il Rosso?"
"Yes. Niku opened eight months ago."
Jessica Jones and Maitre'd[src]

Il Rosso was a classic Italian restaurant located in the Nolita neighborhood of New York City.


One Month Anniversary

Kilgrave took Jessica Jones on an anniversary date one month after meeting and enthralling her, ordering her to buy lingerie and a gift for him and then taking her to one of his favourite restaurants, Il Rosso.

Kilgrave asked for a particular table in the back, and ordered his favorite dish, Pasta Amatriciana. As the waiters served it, Kilgrave proposed Jones a toast to their anniversary, and commented how sure he was that Jones would love the dish. Jones repeated Kilgrave's words, saying that she would love it, and Kilgrave prompted her to smile.

Once their dinner ended, Kilgrave took Jones to the Plaza Hotel to spend there the rest of the night.[1]


Il Rosso closed its doors, and the store became another restaurant called Niku. [1]