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"Do you think it was easy to live with the truth? To know that one day all this would end? To keep on lying to you? If we gave humanity the choice, how many of them would be willing to die so that billions more could be born?"
―Ikaris to Eternals[src]

Ikaris was the former tactical leader of the community of genetically-engineered Eternals. Created by the Celestials in the World Forge, Ikaris and his fellow Eternals were sent to Earth in 5000 BC to progress the planet's societal development and protect it from the Deviants. Ikaris learned early on of his true purpose to help initiate the Emergence for the birth of Tiamut the Communicator, believing Earth and humanity to be a necessary sacrifice for more life to be created in new galaxies. While on his mission, he grew a close relationship with fellow Eternal Sersi and eventually married her.

In 2023, heralded of the Emergence due to the Blip, Ikaris decided to betray and murder the Prime Eternal, Ajak, when she began opposing Arishem's plan, being inspired by the heroic efforts of the Avengers to undo the Snap. Feigning ignorance on Ajak's fate, Ikaris helped reassemble the other Eternals in preparation for the Emergence, but was singled out when they learned of their true purpose and opposed Arishem's plan as well. When the revelation of Ajak's death came to light and the team became divided on whether or not to protect humanity, Ikaris betrayed his friends. However, he was outmatched by his former allies, who were able to kill Tiamut and effectively avert the Emergence. Guilt-ridden over his actions and having failed to live up to his life's purpose, Ikaris committed suicide by flying into the Sun.



Arriving on Earth

"I'm Ikaris."
"I'm Sersi."
―Ikaris and Sersi[src]

Ikaris was built and programmed by Arishem the Judge for the purpose of protecting and helping evolve sentient life forms from the Deviants, powering a Celestial seed inside the planet, which would absorb the energy made from the sentient lifeforms so that the Emergence would occur, destroying the planet in the process. Upon finishing their mission, the Eternals would be sent back to the World Forge to have their memories erased and reset.

Ikaris arrives on Earth in 5000 BC

Ikaris and the rest of the Eternals were sent to Earth on the Domo. Once awoken, the Eternals were provided with suits to wear before arriving at the planet, and Ikaris introduced himself to Sersi. Ikaris, being one of the Eternal's main fighters, landed on Earth first to fight the Deviants. Ikaris fought against one of the creatures, taking the battle to the sky, where he defeated it. When the Deviants attacking the humans were defeated, Ikaris was healed by Ajak and the Eternals presented themselves to the race they were assigned to protect.[1]

Learning the Secret

After thousands of years of working with the rest of the Eternals as a team and becoming settled into the Babylon, Ajak revealed to Ikaris that their mission would soon end up with the Emergence of a new Celestial, which would eventually result in the destruction of Earth, much to the latter's shock. Ikaris and Ajak, being loyal soldiers, decided not to tell the rest of the Eternals about this event, so that they could carry out their mission without any protests from the rest of the Eternals, who were growing accustomed to humanity.[1]

Marrying Sersi

Ikaris and Sersi get married

After working with each other over the centuries to pass by, Ikaris had formed a close relationship with his partner and confidante, Sersi, eventually falling in love with her, and eventually marrying her. Ikaris and Sersi deeply loved each other, happily living with each other for over five thousand years.[1]

Becoming Greek Legend

"So... Ikaris? The boy who flew too close to the sun?"
"Sprite made that story up when we lived in Athens."
Dane Whitman and Sersi[src]

The Eternals eventually relocated to Athens, Greece to continue fighting the Deviants. During this period, Sprite created a story about Icarus, a fictionalized version of Ikaris who had wings and died after flying too close to the Sun. As a result of Sprite sharing her story to the citizens of Athens, Ikaris, as Icarus, became one of Ancient Greece's historical legends and was incorporated into their mythology.[1]

Defeating the Deviants

"The Deviants are gone. There is no reason for you to stay with me."
"Shouldn’t you ask Arishem first? We’re a team, we should stay together."
"I didn’t ask you for your advice, Ikaris. Do not forget your place."
Ajak and Ikaris[src]

After thousands of years of fighting against the Deviants, in 1521, Ikaris was present during the Spanish invasion on the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, which ran concurrently with an attack from the last of the Deviants. Ikaris then witnessed Thena's episode of Mahd Wy'ry during which she wounded Sersi, Phastos and Makkari. Once Thena returned to her normal state, Ikaris saw Druig attempting to control all the humans fighting to end the war, prompting Ikaris to order him to stop, althoug Druig refused and left the Eternals.

Ikaris was then surprised when Ajak told the remaining Eternals that they were free to go as well and live their lives on their own, waiting to be recalled for their mission. Ikaris asked Ajak whether she should have this decision confirmed by Arishem the Judge, creator of the Eternals, but was told that his opinion was unrequested. Ikaris thus agreed with Ajak's last instruction and opted to go and live with his wife Sersi.[1]

Leaving Sersi

"Why did you leave? I told myself something must have happened to you. So, I waited. Days became years, and you never came back."
Sersi to Ikaris[src]

Due to his rising moral crisis of not being able to tell Sersi of the true mission of the Eternals, Ikaris decided to leave their marriage. Ikaris disappeared without any sort of explaination, deciding that it was best for Sersi to not be dragged into this, owing to her extreme love of humanity, breaking their marriage.

In 2018, Ikaris, due to being an artifical being and not biological, survived the Snap. He became embittered, angry, and disappointed, as the resulting extermination of half of all life on Earth significantly delayed the Emergence and the mission of the Celestials.[1]

Earth's Emergence

Killing Ajak

Ikaris talks with Ajak

"Oh, Ikaris. I led you down the wrong path."
"It's the only path I know."
Ajak and Ikaris[src]

In 2023, following the Blip, Ikaris realized that the Emergence was coming soon as the population had now been restored. He traveled to South Dakota to meet with Ajak at her home and told her he was glad their mission was over. However, much to his shock, he realized that Ajak, inspired by the Avengersactions, had gained an affinity for humanity over time and planned to prevent the Emergence of Tiamut the Communicator with the other Eternals.

Ikaris regrets killing Ajak

As a loyal follower of Arishem the Judge, Ikaris decided that Ajak could not be allowed to follow her plan. He thus led her to Alaska, where he knew that a pack of surviving Deviants had emerged from the ice. Ikaris explained that he planned on Ajak's death to distract the other Eternals long enough for the Emergence to occur. He then pushed Ajak off a cliff, abandoning her to be killed by Kro and the Deviants.

Ikaris watched Ajak's death from a distance before reclaiming her body and placing it back in front of her house. Feeling immensely remorseful for Ajak's death despite considering it necessary to fulfil Arishem's plan, Ikaris let go of his distress by shooting optic laser beams out onto the grass.[1]

Meeting Sersi and Sprite

Ikaris rescues Sersi and Sprite in England

"You hear that, Sprite? Family reunion."
―Ikaris to Sprite[src]

Ikaris decided to look for the rest of the Eternals across the world. He tracked down Sersi and Sprite in London, England. Upon arriving, he saved them from Kro, however, much to the group's shock, they discovered that the Deviant was able to heal itself from its injuries. Despite knowing the true reason behind this phenomenon being Ajak's death, Ikaris kept quiet as he led the group back to South Dakota in the search for Ajak. In London, Ikaris met Sersi's new boyfriend, Dane Whitman.

At Ajak's home, Ikaris made the group discover her dead body from the Deviant's attack, in hopes that the death of Ajak would reunite the Eternals for the mission once again. Much to Ikaris' shock, Sersi discovered the Celestial Communication Sphere that Ajak had used to communicate with Arishem had been transferred to her, showing that Ajak had chosen Sersi to lead the Eternals after her. After convincing the others about the looming threat of the Deviants, Ikaris went with Sersi and Sprite to find the rest of the Eternals.[1]

Reuniting the Eternals

"We need to go. Now. Find the others. Once we’re all together, we’ll decide what to do about the Emergence."

Having found Sersi and Sprite, Ikaris went with them to approach Kingo who was shooting a film about Ikaris's journey in India. Since Kingo was initially hesitant to leave his life of stardom and rejoin the Eternals, Ikaris informed him about Ajak's death, and this, combined with Karun Patel's attempts to encourage his boss, convinced Kingo to join his fellow Eternals. Ikaris and the rest of the Eternals then left on a plane. During the flight, Ikaris was amused by Sersi showing him what he would look like if he was able to grow old.

Ikaris and his group traveled to Australia, where Gilgamesh and Thena had decided to leave, and found out that they had been attacked by a Deviant as well. As Gilgamesh opened his door to them, Ikaris explained that he had not managed to kill Kro before it fled and informed Gilgamesh of Ajak's demise, leaving him deeply upset. Ikaris then joined the group to meet Thena, whose Mahd Wy'ry had resurfaced due to the recent attack of the Deviant.

Ikaris then enjoyed a copious meal alongside the other Eternals. As they discussed the state of the world, Ikaris joked that he could lead the Avengers in lieu of Steve Rogers or Iron Man, only to be reminded by Gilgamesh that he had not been chosen by Ajak to lead the Eternals. Later, after Sersi communicated with Arishem the Judge and learned the true nature and purpose of the Eternals, Ikaris listened to his friends planning to stop the Emergence. Ikaris did not outright opposed it, waiting for the other Eternals to find Druig.[1]

Ambush at Druig's Compound

The Eternals arrive at Druig's compound

"I’ve fought that one before. It’s stronger than the others."
―Ikaris to Thena[src]

Ikaris thus accompanied the other Eternals to the Amazon Rainforest to meet Druig, where he has established a secluded community. Ikaris let Sersi explain the recent developments to Druig, and grew annoyed by Druig's frustration and unwillingness to rejoin his former teammates. As Ikaris decided that they should leave, he was confronted by Druig, who taunted him for not having been chosen by Ajak. Once again, as the conversation ended and the Eternals were allowed to stay in the settlement, Ikaris did not disclose his plan to let the Emergence occur.

Ikaris fights a Deviant

As the night came, Ikaris approached Sersi as she ended a phone conversation with Dane Whitman, and warned her against causing Arishem's wrath if the Eternals chose to stop the Emergence, stating that he could not protect her. Ikaris was then asked about his reasons for leaving her, but before he could fully explain, he was attacked by a flying Deviant who took him up in the air. Ikaris was able to pin the Deviant onto the ground and ripped one of its wings before killing it with his optical beams.

However, Ikaris was then attacked from behind by Kro who pierced him with his tentacles. Ikaris got rescued by Gilgamesh, who began facing Kro himself, leaving Ikaris standing next to Thena. Moments later, Ikaris realized that the attack was causing Thena to suffer from another Mahd Wy'ry crisis, causing her to attack him. Ikaris was able to avoid her attacks long enough for Gilgamesh to intervene once again and stop Thena, enabling Ikaris to resume the fight against Kro. However, due to two other Deviants flying to the camp, Ikaris was instructed by Gilgamesh to follow them.

Ikaris thus chased another flying Deviant, attacking it with his optical beams to force it onto the ground before he landed and saved Druig from a wolf-like Deviant, which he killed by firing his lasers directly into its throat. Despite suffering from a wound inflicted by the Deviant's tail, Ikaris kept fighting, attacking another Deviant which threatened Sprite and Kingo. During the ensuing brawl, Ikaris was knocked into a cabin by the Deviant which pinned him on the ground, and Ikaris struggled to break free despite firing his lasers at the creature.

Ikaris mourns the loss of Gilgamesh

Ikaris was eventually saved by Sersi, who thrust a piece of wood into the Deviant. Eventually, Ikaris was shocked when Sersi was able to kill the Deviant by turning into a tree, something she had never been able to do before. He then rushed to her and hugged her in comfort, asking her how she had performed such a feat. Ikaris then returned to attack Kro, only to find out that the chief Deviant had absorbed Gilgamesh's powers before fleeing, leaving the strong Eternal to die. Ikaris mourned his fallen comrade, attending the funeral held in his honor in silence.[1]

Returning to the Domo

"You won’t succeed against me. And I will kill every one of you if I have to."
―Ikaris to the Eternals[src]

Ikaris went to Chicago with Sersi to visit Phastos, whose skills were needed to complete the Eternals' plan, and Ikaris was amused when Phastos' son called him Superman due to having watched him fight the Deviant in London on TV. Once the night came, Ikaris and Sersi talked with Phastos, who insisted that he would no longer use his powers in any circumstance. However, Ikaris proved him wrong by firing his beams at a window, which withstood the shock, showing that Phastos had used his powers to build his house. Ikaris however made the mistake of believing that the furniture were in the same case and smashed a regular table as he believed it to be made of vibranium.

Ikaris then insisted that Phastos should come and join the other Eternals, which Phastos initially refused only to be convinced to follow by his husband Ben Stoss. Ikaris then went with the rest of the group to Iraq, where Phastos unearthed the Domo, allowing the Eternals to be reunited with their last teammate, Makkari. Ikaris then listened to Phastos' theory of the Uni-Mind, which could be used to give Druig enough power to put Tiamut the Communicator to sleep and thus prevent his Emergence.

It was not until this moment that Ikaris' disapproval of this plan was noted by Sprite, who pressured him into giving his opinion, but Ikaris eluded the question by claiming that Sersi had been chosen by Ajak to lead the Eternals. Ikaris left the room, and he was followed by Kingo, who assured him that he would follow Ikaris to the end. Ikaris then exited the Domo and was approached by Sersi. Ikaris voiced his disagreement to her, citing his loyalty to the Celestials and stating that Sersi was all that mattered to him as he still loved her.

Ikaris and Sersi briefly shared a moment before returning to the Domo, after which Sersi sensed through her Celestial Communication Sphere that the Emergence was on the verge of beginning. Sensing that he could no longer tolerate the Eternals trying to stop it, Ikaris donned his armor and, upon being approached by Sersi, voiced his regret that Ajak had chosen her. He then returned to the Domo main room and destroyed Phastos' design for the Uni-Mind. Ikaris admitted that he had known the truth about the Emergence for centuries and that he had killed Ajak.

As Makkari returned after locating the point of Emergence, Ikaris attacked her, but she was protected by Kingo, who blamed Ikaris for the death of Gilgamesh. Ikaris then stated that he was ready to kill the other Eternals as well to make sure that the Emergence occurred. He then decided to leave, being followed by Sprite who had always been in love with him. As Thena arrived and inquired about the situation, Ikaris nearly attcked her, but Sprite used her powers to make them both leave the Domo.[1]

Battling the Eternals

"Let me go, Phastos! I can’t let her do this!"
"I don’t think so. I’ve been wanting to clip your wings for a long time, Ikaris!"
―Ikaris and Phastos[src]

Ikaris flew to the volcano island where the Emergence of Tiamut the Communicator was to begin, watching the eruption signaling Tiamut's awakening. He expressed his gratitude to Sprite for standing by his side and, as the Domo approached, instructed her to protect the Emergence at all cost. As Sprite asked him whether he would actually kill the other Eternals, Ikaris did not reply and flied to the spaceship, using his optical beams to enter, and was quickly confronted by Thena.

Ikaris fights Thena

Ikaris tried to avoid the fight against Thena, stating that she never had to fight him, but since his warning was ignored, he had no choice but to duel against his former teammate. Despite Thena being able to fight back, Ikaris gained the upper hand and pinned her on the wall, but then noticed the golden aura of the Uni-Mind surrounding her. Realizing that Thena had merely been a distraction, Ikaris left the Domo and saw that Druig was already trying to stop the Emergence, as evidenced by the volcanic eruption progressively stopping.

Ikaris shoots Makkari

In order to stop his former teammates, Ikaris attacked Druig from behind, causing the Uni-Mind to break. He then seized Druig and took him up in the air before throwing him back into the ground and burying him with his optical beams, leaving him for dead. Ikaris then turned his attention to the Domo, which he attacked as well, causing the gigantic spacecraft to crash onto the island. Confronting the remaining Eternals, Ikaris was suddenly attacked by Makkari, who used her superhuman speed to plunge him onto the cliff. Ikaris attempted to retaliate, but Makkari avoided his attacks and relentlessly attacked him, causing the rock behind Ikaris to crack.

Ikaris breaks free from Phastos

Ikaris was ultimately able to block Makkari, grabbing her throat and firing his optical beams at her chest to incapacitate her. However, due to Thena and Phastos joining the fight, Ikaris found himself fighting the three Eternals at once. Athough he was able to hold his own, blocking most of their attacks, Ikaris was then attacked by Kro who joined the fight. As Thena followed him and Makkari was incapacitated, Ikaris confronted Phastos and tried to fly away to find Sersi, but was restrained by Phastos' artifacts and ended up blocked on the beach, as Phastos gloated that he had waited for this moment for a long time. As the Emergence progressed, Ikaris saw Tiamut's head and hands appearing from under the sea. Understanding that Sersi was trying to stop the process, Ikaris mustered his full force to break free of Phastos' rings, and promptly flied to confront his former wife.

Ikaris aids Sersi in stopping the Emergence

He attempted to attack Sersi, but found himself unable to do so due to his still profound love for her. He remembered their life together before breaking down and crying. As a result, Ikaris could do nothing but let Sersi stop the Emergence, even taking part into the Uni-Mind to give her the necessary cosmic energy, thus enabling Sersi to achieve the Eternals' plan, turning the whole body of Tiamut into marble.[1]


Ikaris flying himself directly into the Sun

"I'm sorry."
―Ikaris to Sersi[src]

Soon after seeing the failure of the Emergence of Tiamut the Communicator, due to his lack of interference against Sersi due to his feelings for her, a guilt ridden Ikaris apologized to Sersi for killing Ajak and betraying them. Feeling frustrated over his failure to fulfill his mission and guilt over his actions, Ikaris left Sersi, flying off into the sky. Ikaris flew off into space and after feeling his life had no purpose as he had betrayed his mission as an Eternal, flew straight into the Sun.[1]


"I have been loyal to you, Ajak. Kept your secret for centuries, lied to everyone I care about. But never have I doubted my purpose to serve the Celestials."
―Ikaris to Ajak[src]

Ikaris was a loyal soldier who took pride in following orders. However, he was totally dedicated to the Celestials' mission, even going as far as to kill Ajak, and later threatening and fighting his fellow Eternals should they interfere with Tiamut the Communicator's Emergence. This dedication though was not absolute since his love for Sersi took precedence in the last moment before Ikaris could attack her. When he had the chance to stop Sersi from forming the Uni-Mind, he chose not to do so and even joined the other Eternals into the Uni-Mind. Afterwards, Ikaris felt deep guilt over what he had done in killing Ajak and betraying his fellow Eternals, causing him to be intensely conflicted between his love, his guilt and his loyalty to the Celestials, leading him to fly out of the Earth's atmosphere and seemingly commit suicide by flying towards the Sun.

Powers and Abilities


"You're the strongest."
  • Eternal Physiology: By design from the Celestials, Ikaris was an Eternal possessing superhuman strength, durability, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes and healing numerous times superior than any normal human being, as well as immortality and being able to manipulate cosmic energy to a certain degree. He was regarded as one of the most powerful of the Eternals, to the point where it took three of them fighting him to restrain him; and even when operating alone, it was alluded that it was very rare for Deviants to live or even escape intact after a confrontation with Ikaris.
    • Superhuman Strength:

      Ikaris stops an incoming Deviant

      Like all Eternals, Ikaris possessed great superhuman strength, numerous times stronger than any normal human being. He was the second strongest Eternal of his time, only surpassed by Gilgamesh. He was able to knock back a large Deviant who had been pressuring Gilgamesh with a single charge and at one point he could forcibly open the mouth of a Deviant to launch his optic beams directly at it's internal organs. He also easily overpowered and pushed Ajak off a cliff with enough force to cause a crater on the icy ground. During the battle with the other Eternals, Ikaris repeatedly managed to overcome them with great physical force without much effort. He was able to strike at Thena's shield with such force to push her back and easily pin her to a wall as well as casually throw her with enough force to stop Makkari's super speed, effortlessly lift, restrain, and throw around Druig, stop Makkari at her top speed and toss her aside with a single hand, and even break out of Phastos's restraints with considerable effort.
    • Superhuman Durability: Ikaris' body was numerous times more resistant to physical and energy damage than any normal human being. He was able to casually catch Thena's energy blade with a single hand and withstand multiple powerful blows from her and Makkari at super speed along with Phastos's energy projectiles without suffering any noteworthy injury.
    • Superhuman Speed: Ikaris could run and move at great superhuman speed, much faster than any normal human being. His speed is lesser than Makkari, but more so than the other Eternals, as he was able to effortlessly catch Druig off-guard and quickly overwhelm Thena in a rapid exchange of blows.
    • Superhuman Agility: Ikaris naturally possessed far greater agility, equilibrium, flexibility, dexterity, balance, and body coordination than any normal human being.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Ikaris' advanced musculature was considerably more efficient than any normal human being. As a result, his muscles virtually did not produce fatigue toxins during physical activity. His endurance allowed him to exercise his maximum capacity for an extremely long period of time without tiring at all.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Ikaris could react and dodge objects traveling at high speeds, much quicker than any normal human being. He was responsive enough to even react to Makkari's super speed after a while and was able to counter most of Thena and Phastos's attacks with ease.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Ikaris' metabolism enabled him to rapidly regenerate damaged bodily tissue with far greater speed and efficiency than any normal human being.
    • Immortality: As an Eternal, Ikaris was genetically able to live forever, without dying due to old age or illnesses.
    • Flight: Ikaris was genetically able to fly, glide and float through the air and vacuum of space at hyper-sonic speeds, allowing him to takeoff and land safely on the planet's surface with ease. He can also maneuver with great precision in any direction, as well as float in one place.
    • Cosmic Energy Manipulation: By design of the Celestials, all Eternals are genetically capable of using cosmic energy. Each Eternal possesses a unique ability, all derived from the same cosmic power source. Ikaris used his cosmic energy to project powerful energy beams from his eyes.
      • Optic Blasts:

        Ikaris shooting a Deviant with optic blasts

        Ikaris was able to use his cosmic energy to project powerful cosmic energy beams from his eyes. These beams are extremely deadly, possibly surpassing Kingo's own projected energy blasts, such that Gilgamesh was surprised to learn a Deviant survived after a direct encounter with Ikaris.

Former Powers

  • Uni-Mind Energy Manipulation: The Eternals can harness their cosmic powers together to create the Uni-Mind, which amplifies their powers. Ikaris only used this ability once to help Sersi stop the Emergence of Tiamut the Communicator.
    • Levitation: During the Uni-Mind, Ikaris was able to float a few feet above the ground.


"Even with my help, we're no match. It's Ikaris."
  • Master Combatant:

    Ikaris fighting against a Deviant

    Ikaris was an extremely skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant, with thousands of years of training and combat experience, making him one of the most powerful and best fighters in the universe. He was able to contend with Thena, who was regarded as the goddess of war and one of the greatest warriors, as well as take on Druig, Makkari, and Phastos simultaneously. His fighting style emphasized his superhuman strength, flight and optical blasts, also incorporating techniques from judo.[2]
  • Master Marksman: Ikaris was capable of firing cosmic energy from his eyes with lethal accuracy. His mastery over his aim was so great, he was able to shoot and kill flying Deviants in air-to-air combat whilst Ikaris himself was flying. The only instance where Ikaris missed his target was when he fired at Makkari, who dodged his attacks with her superhuman speed.
  • Expert Acrobat: Due to Ikaris' capability for flight, he was highly skilled in aerial manuvers, as he frequently employed them to dodge Deviant attacks while airborne.
  • Gifted Intellect: As an Eternal, Ikaris possesses superior intelligence.
"So now that Captain Rogers and Iron Man are both gone, who do you think's gonna lead the Avengers?"
"I could lead them."
Sprite and Ikaris[src]
  • Master Tactician: True to his status of tactical leader of the Eternals, Ikaris was able to carefully plan his actions to achieve his purpose. As such, he dedicated his efforts to ensure that the Emergence of Tiamut the Communicator would occur, plotting to have Ajak killed so that the Eternals would be distracted and focused against the Deviants.
  • Multilingualism: Ikaris was fluent in English, Babylonian, and sign language, using the latter to communicate with the deaf-mute Makkari.


Other Equipment

  • Celestial Armor: Ikaris donned a blue armor, equipped on him by the Domo. The armor was durable enough to withstand multiple blows during the fight with the Deviants.


  • Domo: Ikaris arrived on Earth aboard this massive spacecraft, in which he could retrieve his armor. He eventually left the Domo to live a life of his own, only returning to it after centuries. Ikaris was responsible for the crash of the Domo during his clash against his fellow Eternals.
  • Kingo's Jet: Ikaris traveled in his friend Kingo's private jet when they flew to Australia to find other Eternals.



  • Sersi - Ex-Wife and Leader




  • In the comics, Ikaris was a third generation member of the Eternals and paternal cousin of Druig who is the one who betrayed the Eternals as he is power-hungry, and often enters into opposition with the other Eternals in an attempt to usurp power and control them. However, in the film, Ikaris turned against the Eternals as they’re interfering with Tiamut’s Emergence, even killing Ajak to do so.
  • In Eternals, it is mentioned that Sprite create the tale of Icarus based on Ikaris, while they were stationed in Athens. In the comics, Ikaris adopted the name of his human son Icarus (implying he was originally the craftsman Deadalus), who died while he was flying with mechanical wings created by Phastos and Makkari, and became the source of the myth.

Behind the Scenes


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