"Yo, I met this crazy fine writer chick at the spot last night, like *fine*, fine, crazy stupid fine."
―Ignacio to Luis[src]

Ignacio is a cousin of Luis.


Ignacio met a woman in a bar whom he learned was a writer in the field of guerilla journalism. She informed him that she could not tell him who her contact was due to the fact that he worked with the Avengers, but revealed that he was searching for Ant-Man as he was in need of his aid. The next day, Ignacio visited an art museum with his cousin Luis and told him of the encounter. Luis, being a friend of Scott Lang, asked if the contact was seeking Lang's help, which Ignacio confirmed. [1]



  • Grandmother
  • Uncle
  • Aunt †
  • Luis - Cousin
  • Ernesto - Cousin



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