"I get it! You know, I really get it. But you were Patsy Walker. If you wore chartreuse, half the tweens in America start wearing chartreuse. You want that impact again."
"I'm not reliving my past, Ian. I'm using my show to make a difference."
"Agreed! As long as women 18 to 49 want to listen. Otherwise, you're gonna die. Or I mean, your show is gonna die. We're in this together."
―Ian and Trish Walker[src]

Ian works at WNEX New York and is one of Trish Walker's superiors.


"I just came down to cheerlead. You know, awesome segment today. The call-ins were great."
"No, they weren't. And our ratings are sliding. That's why you're here."
"You got me."
"Well, I'm working on something new."
"Medical experiment, shadow corp?"
"You can say "IGH," Ian. They're not Voldemort."
"But they're all fiction. Unless you can get your super sister to corroborate that they exist. Or to corroborate that she's even your sister?"
―Ian and Trish Walker[src]

Initially after Trish Walker restyled her show, to Trish Talk, and focus on powered individuals, the show's ratings improved for a time but then steadily declined. Ian confronted Trish about the falling ratings and suggested she return the show to focus on lifestyle matters, including celebrity hairstylists.[1]


"Get her on the show."
"She doesn't want the exposure, and I won't force it on her."
"Okay. I respect that. Family is everything."
―Ian and Trish Walker[src]

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