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"I am Groot."

The Second Season of I Am Groot premiered on Disney+ on September 6, 2023.


The troublemaking twig returns to mischief in the second season of “I Am Groot.” This time, Baby Groot finds himself exploring the universe and beyond aboard the Guardians’ spaceships, coming face-to-face—or nose-to-nose—with new and colorful creatures and environments.


Gamer Groot

Groot plays games

Groot goes on many more adventures to various planets, causing tons of havoc where he goes. On Terma, Groot finds a Terma Baby Bird and begins to play with the bird until he ultimately gets annoyed by its constant pooping. Suddenly, the bird's siblings arrive and stampede over Groot to their mother, who carries the birds away. On the Quadrant, Groot plays with his video games non-stop until the battery dies. He begins searching for a spare battery only to find a Bionic Nose instead. Using a new sense of smell, he explores what many things smell like and secures his battery along the way. When he gets back to his room, he smells the odor he caused, but just takes the nose off instead of cleaning.

The Watcher (I Am Groot)

The Watcher observes Groot

On Falligar, Groot enjoys his snow day while making a hot drink. Outside, he plays in the snow and accidentally creates a robotic snowman that starts reaking havoc. Groot eventually destroys the snowman before gling back to his drink. Back on the Quadrant, Groot finds an Intergalactic Ice Cream Truck and searches frantically to find a coin. When he finally gets it, he finds that the truck is gone. Groopt jumps in a pod and flies towards the truck, crashing into it in order to get the ice cream. This stunt lands him on the Nova Corps radar. On Drez-Lar, Groot finds the Seed of Drez-Lar, much to The Watcher's excitement. The Watcher becomes confused as Groot pays no attention to the seed and eventually destroys it and the temple it is housed in. Uatu then realizes that Groot is the prophecy that he read.



Image Title Number Airdate Writers Directors
Are You My Groot? Thumbnail Are You My Groot? 2.01 September 6, 2023 Kirsten Lepore Kirsten Lepore
Groot stumbles across a strange egg in a nest while exploring the alien planet of Terma. He instantly falls for the little creature that emerges when the egg cracks, adopting it as his own.
Groot Noses Around Thumbnail Groot Noses Around 2.02 September 6, 2023 Kirsten Lepore Kirsten Lepore
When Groot discovers a bionic nose-shaped device that grants him a sense of smell, he quickly learns not to stick his new nose where it doesn’t belong.
Groot's Snow Day Thumbnail Groot's Snow Day 2.03 September 6, 2023 Kirsten Lepore Kirsten Lepore
After landing on the icy planet of Falligar, Groot fashions a snowman with scraps of junk, inadvertently creating an unstoppable snowman-robot that wreaks havoc.
Galactic Ice Cream Groot's Sweet Treat 2.04 September 6, 2023 Kirsten Lepore Kirsten Lepore
As an intergalactic ice cream truck approaches, Groot—desperate to get a treat— frantically scours the ship for coins.
Groot and the Great Prophecy Thumbnail Groot and the Great Prophecy 2.05 September 6, 2023 Kirsten Lepore Kirsten Lepore
In this adventure narrated by The Watcher, Groot finds himself in the heart of an ancient Drez-Lar temple with a mythic prophecy he must fulfill to save the universe.


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