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"I am Groot."

The First Season of I Am Groot premiered on Disney+ on August 10, 2022.


The series of shorts follows Baby Groot's glory days growing up, and getting into trouble, among the stars.[1]


Groot goes on many adventures as a baby. Another tree steals his spot on the table, so he attacks it in hopes that he can get his spot back. Eventually the two tree's fall to the ground, breaking Groot's pot. He then emerges with feet and is able to run around. Later, he goes to a planet where he finds a tiny species called Grunds. He terrorizes them thinking he is being playful. Eventually, they attack him which scares the baby tree enough to fart a leaf. The Grunds thankfully eat it as the leaves are their source of food. A happy Groot gathers up more leaves for them, but doesn't watch where he is going. He steps on all of the Grunds, walking away as if nothing happened.

Groot wakes up in the Quadrant from a loud noise. He eventually finds that it was made by a shape shifting alien named Iwua. Groot has a dance off until he leads Iwua to the escape hatch and sends him into space. Another time, Groot is back on the Grunds' planet and finds a puddle. He takes a bath and finds out the mud helps him grow leaves. He makes various hairstyles, but is also very loud, annoying a pink alien bird. The bird has had enough and attacks Groot. Groot then realizes the mud is gone, so he cuts off all of the birds hair and uses it as a scarf.

Back on the Quadrant, Groot decides to make a picture of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He gathers up many things to use and eventually creates a bomb in hopes of getting glitter for his drawing. Rocket Raccoon hears the explosion and investigates. He finds Groot, who shows him the drawing. Rocket forgives him, but another explosion is set off. Rocket falls into a crater, but Groot catches him.



Image Title Number Airdate Writers Directors
Groot's First Steps Poster Groot's First Steps 1.01 August 10, 2022 Kirsten Lepore Kirsten Lepore
Baby Groot discovers he's not the only plant being pampered aboard his spaceship. A happy accident convinces Groot to try taking his first steps out of his pot—only to learn you have to walk before you can run.
The Little Guy Poster The Little Guy 1.02 August 10, 2022 Kirsten Lepore Kirsten Lepore
It's hard to be the little guy, but when Baby Groot accidentally uncovers a civilization of miniature blue aliens, the tables are turned. At first intimidated by the seemingly enormous tree toddler, the Grunds soon discover he's the hero they've been waiting for.
Groot's Pursuit Poster Groot's Pursuit 1.03 August 10, 2022 Kirsten Lepore Kirsten Lepore
Baby Groot investigates a spooky noise that's been haunting the Quadrant, the massive Ravager ship that he calls home. In doing so, he comes face-to-face with Iwua, an intelligent, shapeshifting alien who assumes his form. The best way to resolve who actually is Groot: a dance-off.
Groot Takes a Bath Poster Groot Takes a Bath 1.04 August 10, 2022 Kirsten Lepore Kirsten Lepore
Everybody needs some alone time to relax and wash up, but things go quite differently when you're a Flora colossi toddler. When Groot's bath concoction results in epic leaf growth, he takes his haircut into his own hands and gets inventive with styling.
Magnum Opus Poster Magnum Opus 1.05 August 10, 2022 Kirsten Lepore Kirsten Lepore
Groot sets out to paint a family portrait of himself and the Guardians, and goes to great lengths to collect art supplies and forge his masterpiece. Rocket stumbles upon Groot's efforts and quickly discovers just how messy—and disastrous—the artistic process can be.


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