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"Simpson's doctor works for a private research corporation called IGH. Which is an acronym for nothing. It doesn't exist. No web page, no contact number, nothing."
Trish Walker[src]

IGH is a secret research laboratory and genetic technology clinic involved in covert and illegal human experimentation. Its name is a TLA for Industrial Garments & Handling, the cover for the operation.

One of its projects was the employment of genetic editing for medical purposes, which had the side effect of subjects developing superhuman abilities.

Another of IGH's sideprojects was the development of drugs that increase the user's strength and reflexes, though these had detrimental side effects in the users' minds.


Early Work


Trish Walker looking into IGH

"Jess' medical bills."
"From her accident. Came with her files when I adopted her. Check out who paid them."
"I figured it was a charitable write-off for them."
Trish Walker and Dorothy Walker[src]

While on a young age Jessica Jones survived a car crash in which her whole family died. Jones was taken to the hospital where operations were done that saved her life. IGH supplied the money and all operation procedures for Jones and paid for her meds. Dorothy Walker, who adopted Jones at the time knew of this but kept it a secret. Walker did not care much about the case and told neither Jones or Trish Walker, her daughter, about it. She also did not realize who IGH were.[1]

Will Simpson's Return

"You're responding well to the meds."
"Feels good, like old times. Give me a red."
"You had a red this morning. We altered protocol after what happened in Damascus."
Miklos Kozlov and Will Simpson[src]

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Hunt for Will Simpson

"Doc's worried about you."
"Yeah, well tell Kozlov I appreciate the concern, but I'm not coming back."
"We can't leave here without you, Simpson."
McManus and Will Simpson[src]

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Name Position Status
Karl Malus Founder / Leading Doctor Deceased
Miklos Kozlov Leading Doctor Deceased
Leslie Hansen Doctor Deceased
Luanne McClure Nurse Deceased
Inez Green Nurse Alive/In Custody
David Kawecki Janitor Alive/In Custody

Test Subjects

Name Results Status
Alisa Jones Enhanced Strength Deceased
Jessica Jones Enhanced Strength Alive
Will Simpson Enhanced Strength Deceased
McManus Deceased
Fortner Deceased
Robert Coleman Enhanced Speed Deceased
Isaiah Alive


Appearances of IGH



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