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"What are you going to do about the water monster?"
"Nothing. It's dead. And besides, that Mysterio guy's all over it."
Ned Leeds and Peter Parker[src]

Hydro-Man[1][2] was an illusion created and controlled by Quentin Beck, representing the Elemental of water.


Attack on Venice

"They were born in stable orbits. Within the black holes, creatures formed from the primary elements. Air, Water, Fire, Earth. The science division had a technical name. We just called them Elementals."
Mysterio to Spider-Man[src]

Using the Illusion Projectors and the Stark Industries Combat Drones, Quentin Beck created a realistic illusion of the creature made of water. Gutes Guterman also came up with a story about the Elementals from a parallel universe that got to Earth through a tear in reality created because of the Snap. Beck sent Hydro-Man to Venice, Italy where he was causing havoc and chaos.

Hydro-Man "fighting" against Mysterio

Hydro-Man was confronted by Peter Parker who rescued several civilians and attempted to fight Hydro-Man himself, however, he had nothing to fight it properly, so Water Elemental easily defeated him. At that moment, Beck staged a fight with Hydro-Man, while Parker was trying to keep the damaged buildings from failing. Eventually, Beck used his "powers" to "defeat" Hydro-Man which was broadcasted by the media.[3]


"BuzzFeed says there's a sailor named Morris Bench who was exposed to an experimental underwater generator and got hydro powers."
Flash Thompson[src]

In the wake of the incident, BuzzFeed speculated that Hydro-Man was in fact a sailor named Morris Bench, whom they believed had been exposed to an experimental underwater generator and received hydro-based powers.[3] Unaware that Hydro-Man had actually been an illusion fabricated by Mysterio, the Italian coast guard was unable to track him down, sparking rumors about if the American government was covering up its existence to not reveal the Hydro Generators of the United States Navy or why Bench wasn't listed on any official documentation of any kind.[4]


Hydro-Man was created as an illusion resembling a creature made of water. With the holographic system designed by Quentin Beck, Hydro-Man's appearance was utterly realistic, and with Stark Industries Combat Drones, Hydro-Man was able to cause real damage.


  • In the comics, Hydro-Man is Morris Bench, a crewman aboard a cargo ship who gained his superpowers after being accidentally knocked overboard by Spider-Man while a powerful experimental generator was being tested in the ocean.
    • In the scene where Mysterio and Spider-Man battle Hydro-Man, a boat is visible with the letters and numbers "ASM 212" on the side, in reference to Amazing Spider-Man #212, the first appearance of Hydro-Man.
    • Hydro-Man bears more of a resemblance to Water, a creation of Diablo's and a member of the Elementals of Doom.
  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Hydro-Man replaces Hydron as a member of the Elementals.

Behind the Scenes

  • Production visual effects supervisor Janek Sirrs stated in an interview with IndieWire that during development of Spider-Man: Far From Home, Hydro-Man went through an exhaustive design process, varying from churning white water to something far more glass-like.[5]


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