"You will be punished for your insolence! You will be brought before the Führer himself!"
―Hutter to Johann Schmidt[src]

Hutter was an officer of the Nazi Schutzstaffel during World War II. He was killed during a confrontation with Johann Schmidt.


"Berlin is on this map!"
"So it is."
―Hutter and Johann Schmidt[src]

Hutter joined the Nazis under Adolf Hitler's command, and over time he achieved the rank of Sturmbanführer (Major) in the Nazi Schutzstaffel. He had conducted at least one act of bravery during combat,[1] and had also been trained as a combat medic.[2]

In 1943, Hutter and his two superior officers were sent by Adolf Hitler to Johann Schmidt's base to question him about the progress in developing advanced weapons for the Third Reich. During the tour over the base, while Schmidt spoke with Roeder and Schneider, Hutter was intrigued by the unusual uniforms and equipment used by the soldiers of HYDRA.

Hutter death

Schmidt's weapon vaporizes Hutter

When Schmidt showed his visitors the Tesseract powered cannon developed by his scientists, they weren't impressed. Instead, they thought that Schmidt is mad for claiming that he harnessed the power of the gods. When Hutter saw Berlin marked as one of Schmidt's targets on a map, he realized that Schmidt intends to overthrow the Führer. A moment later, Schmidt used his new weapon to vaporize Hutter and his colleagues, showing his breakaway from Nazi Germany. Just before being vaporized, Hutter threatened Schmidt with severe punishment for his treachery, to the extent that he would have been brought before Hitler himself to be dealt with.[3]





  • Red Skull - Former Colleague turned Enemy and Killer



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  1. He is seen wearing the Iron Cross second class medal ribbon on the left side of his uniform.
  2. He was seen wearing the Red Cross medal ribbon on the left side of his uniform.
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