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"Just prune it. Let's bail. Set a charge."
―Hunter U-92[src]

Hunter U-92 was a soldier who worked as a Hunter for the Time Variance Authority. He and agent Mobius M. Mobius would begin to investigate the murders of numerous TVA squadrons at the hands of a Variant of Loki, a mission that would result in U-92's death at her hands.


Early Life

Taken by the Time-Keepers

Hunter U-92 was a Variant who was taken by the Time-Keepers and had his memory suppressed so that he could be a member of the Time Variance Authority, an organization that protects the Sacred Timeline from Variants.[2]

TVA Hunter

Mission in France

"The Hunter and his Minutemen responded to a routine Nexus event. It appears that when they arrived, somebody got the jump on 'em."
"You think?"
"It's him."
―A Minuteman, Mobius M. Mobius and Hunter U-92[src]

U-92 and Mobius investigate the murders

Hunter U-92 and his Minutemen were dispatched to Aix-en-Provence, France in the year 1549 to investigate the murders of a TVA Hunter and their Minutemen. Agent Mobius M. Mobius was called in to help with the investigation, and after he had arrived, a Minuteman explained that the deceased TVA agents had been sent to 1549 to investigate a routine "nexus event" - a branch being created in the Sacred Timeline - and that they were caught off-guard and killed upon their arrival. While Mobius inspected the bodies, Hunter U-92 noted that this was the sixth attack of its sort in the past week, telling the others that it had to be the work of the person responsible for the preceding attacks: a Variant of Loki, the God of Mischief.

U-92 watches Mobius question a boy

As U-92 and Mobius talked, they became aware of another person present at the crime scene: a young boy. U-92 instinctively drew his Time Stick, but Mobius ordered him to stand down, reassuring the boy in French that they were there to help, calling U-92 an "imbecile". U-92 responded that he also spoke every language on the timeline and knew that Mobius insulted him, while Mobius approached the boy and asked him who was responsible for the attack, U-92 following shortly after. When the boy claimed it was the work of the Devil, Mobius and U-92 noticed that his mouth was blue, with Mobius confiscating a stick of anachronistic modern bubblegum off of the boy. Mobius ordered U-92 to scan the gum, insisting that he proceed with the scan despite U-92 assuring him that they wouldn't find anything of note in the scan.

U-92 pulled out his data-pad and informed Mobius that the branching timeline they were on was nearing "red line", and that they need to leave immediately. Mobius told the young boy to wait outside as he, U-92 and his Minutemen planned to use a reset charge to erase the timeline. However, a portal would form and a TVA analyst emerged from it holding a folder, showing agent Mobius its contents: details on another Variant of Loki, who had been apprehended by the TVA. Believing it could help his investigation, Mobius returned to the TVA while U-92 and his Minutemen erased the timeline.[1]

Killed by a Loki Variant

U-92 and his Minutemen finding a figure

"Oil. I think some jackass found himself a time machine, came back here to get rich."
―Hunter U-92[src]

Later on, U-92 and three Minutemen arrived in Salina, Oklahoma in the year 1858 to investigate another nexus event. One Minuteman noticed a futuristic device embedded in the ground and, upon scanning it, informed the others that it originated from the early third millennium. U-92 then noticed liquid on the ground and identified it as oil, theorizing that the nexus event was a result of somebody finding a time machine and deciding to use it in the past to get rich by selling oil. When the Minuteman asked if they should pursue the culprit, U-92 decided it wasn't worth the paperwork and ordered them to set a reset charge and erase the timeline. Before they could, however, a Minuteman noticed a cloaked figure in the distance, watching them.

U-92 crawls to the charge before his death

U-92 and his Minutemen drew their Time Sticks and approached the figure, but the figure raised a lantern and dropped it on the ground, igniting the oil and burning U-92's Minutemen alive. The Hunter himself, having barely avoided the flames, fell to the ground and desperately crawled towards the reset charge. However, it was no use, as the cloaked figure would drag U-92 back and kill him, causing him to scream in pain. With the TVA agents dead, the cloaked figure stole the reset charge, departing the crime scene.[1]


"Should we fan out and look for him, sir?"
"Nah. It's not worth the paperwork."
Minutemen and Hunter U-92[src]

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"Aussi je peux parler toutes les langues sur la timeline.[3]"
―Hunter U-92 to Mobius M. Mobius[src]
  • Multilingualism: Hunter U-92 was capable of speaking every language in the Multiverse sufficiently, including English and French.



  • Time Stick: U-92 used his Time Sticks for his missions. The Time Sticks serves to beat and slow people down, as well as for "reset" them.

Other Equipment




Behind the Scenes



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