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"I'm a Variant. So are you. So is every single person in this place."
―Hunter C-20[src]

Hunter C-20 was a soldier of the Time Variance Authority.


Early Life

Taken by the Time-Keepers

Hunter C-20 was a Variant who lived on Earth before being taken by the Time-Keepers and had her memory suppressed so that she could be a member of the Time Variance Authority, an organization that protects the Sacred Timeline from other Variants.[2]

Encountering the Variant

Hunter C-20 and her Minutemen went to investigate a Nexus Event in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, 1985, during a Renaissance fair. When asked why she wasn't dressed correctly for the fair, she ignored the question. One of her Minutemen detected the variant in a tent across the way, and she commanded everyone to start moving.

Once inside the tent, she and her Minutemen moved carefully, and no Nexus energy was detected. Suddenly, the speakers started playing, and she warned everyone that it was a trap. The speakers started playing the intro to a medieval fight, asking everyone to stay seated and announcing the beginning of a fight, before playing "Holding Out For A Hero" by Bonnie Tyler. During this announcement, Sylvie Laufeydottir snuck up on C-20 and used her powers to enthrall her.

C-20 possessed by The Variant

Now possessed by Laufeydottir, C-20 removed her helmet before approaching one of her Minutemen, kicking the back of his knee, and snapping his neck. When the other Minutemen noticed, C-20 then grabbed a nearby jousting pole before hitting another Minuteman with it and stabbing her before Laufeydottir snuck up behind her and sliced her throat. C-20 then ditched the jousting pole before engaging Minuteman 200914867365 in hand-to-hand combat.

Sylvie creates an illusion in C-20's mind

C-20 pinned 200914867365, who asked what she was doing, and she said she was having some fun before Laufeydottir let go of her possession, causing her to pass out. Once Laufeydottir killed the last Minuteman and stole his time controller, she took C-20 through the portal with her as a hostage. She took C-20 to Haven Hills, Alabama, in 2050,[1] where she trapped C-20 in a memory from her suppressed past on Earth: drinking margaritas at a restaurant. C-20 was made to think Laufeydottir was an old friend.

C-20 being controlled to answer questions

C-20 asked Laufeydottir what she wanted to eat before getting a brain freeze from her margarita. With Laufeydottir daring her to answer a question while under a brain freeze, she was asked how many people were guarding the Time Keepers. C-20 then became suspicious when Laufeydottir changed the time to night. Laufeydottir then told C-20 that she could trust her, and C-20 told Laufeydottir that the elevator to the time keepers was gold.[2]

Hunter C-20 is finally found by the TVA

C-20 was eventually found in the back room of a Roxxcart superstore by a Minuteman, who led Mobius M. Mobius to her. She kept saying "it's real" over and over, obviously traumatized. When Mobius asked her what was real, she kept repeating it, and another Minuteman said she was crazy. She said she wanted to go home, and Mobius said she would. When Mobius began to call in the infirmary, C-20 told him that she gave away the Time-Keeper's positions and access route.[1]

Exposing the Truth

Hunter C-20 exposes the truth about them

C-20 was brought back to the Time Variance Authority Office and was placed on trial in the courtroom to detail what she had done in giving the location of the Time-Keepers away. Ravonna Renslayer monitored C-20 and filmed her trial using her TemPad. C-20 tried to explain that what she witnessed through the enchantment was real and that she had a life on Earth before the TVA. She said she had friends there and said that everyone in the TVA were Variants as well. However, she was cut off from speaking as Renslayer stepped in front of her to silence her from finishing.

Renslayer later told Mobius that C-20 had died as a result of Sylvie's mental manipulation, falsely claiming that her mental faculties degraded to the point that she couldn't even speak anymore.[3]


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Powers and Abilities

Temporary Powers

  • Enhanced Strength: C-20 was able to snap a human's neck with ease while possessed by Sylvie.


  • Expert Combatant: Hunter C-20 was capable of using of using a jousting lance as a weapon while possessed by Sylvie Laufeydottir. She was also skilled at hand-to-hand combat and was able to pin Minuteman 200914867365 while she was possessed by Sylvie.



  • Time Stick: Hunter C-20 possessed a Time Stick that was able to "prune" a target and send them to the Void.
  • Lance: When C-20 was controlled by Sylvie, she used a jousting lance to attack her Minutemen squad in a Renaissance Fair tent during an alternate 1985 Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Other Equipment

  • Uniform: C-20 wore a Hunter's uniform and a helmet. She took off her helmet when she was possessed by Sylvie Laufeydottir and did not reacquire it.
  • TemPad: C-20, like all TVA agents, had a TemPad that could control the Timedoors and Time Cells, identify variants, see and project files, and monitor the timeline.
    • Timedoor: C-20, just like the other TVA agents, uses these space-time portals to go and back from her missions.


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  • Time Variance Authority Office: Hunter C-20 and all members of the TVA were headquartered at the Time Variance Authority Office. C-20 was later brought on trial in the courtroom.
  • Roxxcart Mall: Sylvie Laufeydottir took Hunter C-20 hostage and placed her in the back room of the Roxxcart Mall. She was found by Mobius M. Mobius and a unit of Minutemen, and she was brought back to the TVA Office.





Behind the Scenes


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