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Hunter B-15 is a high-ranking soldier in the Time Variance Authority.


Capture of Loki

"On behalf of the Time Variance Authority, I hereby arrest you for crimes against the Sacred Timeline."
―Hunter B-15 to Loki[src]

Hunter B-15 arrests Loki

In an alternate timeline 2012, a variant of the Asgardian Loki stole the Tesseract, using it to escape Stark Tower. Loki landed in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, where Hunter B-15 and a small group of her Minutemen were sent to apprehend him for disrupting the flow of time. Loki threatened B-15 and the others and attempted to push through them, prompting B-15 to strike him in the face, using a tool to temporarily slow him down to one sixteenth of his original speed. B-15 placed a power-nullifying collar on Loki and confiscated the Tesseract, while the Minutemen arrested the variant and reset the timeline.

Hunter B-15 brings Loki to the TVA headquarters

B-15 grabbed Loki and brought him through a gateway to the headquarters of the Time Variance Authority. Loki immediately tried to escape, but B-15 used a Time Twister to bring him back to his original position, confusing him. B-15 gave the Tesseract to an agent named Casey, bringing Loki to another room where he was processed as a prisoner. Afterwards, B-15 brought Loki to stand before Judge Ravonna Renslayer, who was to try Loki for his crimes against the timeline. B-15 stood by as Loki ridiculed the TVA, much to Renslayer and B-15's annoyance. Loki then attempted to use his Asgardian magic to escape, unaware of the fact his collar was negating his powers, confusing him yet more, amusing B-15.

B-15 watches as Loki is put on trial

Judge Renslayer sentenced Loki to being "reset", and B-15 grabbed him along with another guard; however, Agent Mobius M. Mobius would intervene, requesting time with Loki. Mobius would interview and question Loki. B-15 would enter, informing Mobius that there was a situation. B-15 and Mobius left, leaving Loki unattended. Outside, B-15 would argue that talking to the Loki variant was a mistake, reminding Mobius that another Loki variant had been killing their men and informing him they had just killed another. Mobius returned to Loki, but he soon came rushing back to tell B-15 that Loki had escaped, having stolen Mobius' Time Twister to teleport himself away.[1]

Loki's Escape

"Split up. Prune on sight."
"No, no pruning, no resetting, he can still help us!"
―Hunter B-15 and Mobius M. Mobius[src]

B-15 ordered her men to reset Loki on sight, however Mobius instead ordered them to keep him alive as he could still be of use to the TVA. B-15 would find Loki talking to Casey, Tesseract in hand, teleporting out before B-15 could arrest him. She would return to the interview room to find Loki laughing to himself, looking at a screen showing his alternate self's timeline. B-15 asked Loki what was so funny, but Loki would simply strike her; the hunter would catch his fist, pushing him down onto the desk before Loki grabbed a Time Twister and deactivated his collar, strapping it to B-15 and teleporting her away with the Time Twister.

Loki then brought B-15 back into the room, then sending her back once more. Loki continued to do this, despite the hunter ordering that he stop, sending her backwards and forwards through space repeatedly until ultimately sending her out of the room. B-15 was sent into a hallway where Casey and two TVA judges were discussing Loki's escape, startling them when she suddenly appeared. Annoyed, B-15 stormed off.[1]

Working with Loki

Chase of the Variant

After Hunter C-20 and her team were ambushed by the Variant Loki in 1985 Oshkosh, Wisconsin, B-15 gathered Mobius, Loki, and some Minutemen to scope it out. She told the group of what happened and told them that although they were certain it was a Loki, they did not know what kind they would be. When Loki tried to tell her that it would be a lesser kind, B-15 asked him to turn around and show off the large word "Variant" on his jacket. When Loki was annoyed by it, she told him she was only making sure everyone remembered what he was, a cosmic mistake. She was present for the rest of the debriefing.

She then entered 1985 Oshkosh, Wisconsin to investigate the disappearance of the Minutemen. When it was discovered that the Variant Loki had taken Hunter C-20 hostage, she said that it's possible that he was upping his game, before saying that there was no way a Loki had gotten the jump on C-20. She ordered her Minutemen to quickly fan out and search for C-20 before a redline could occur. Loki then warned the Minutemen not to leave the tent, as they would be ambushed, causing everyone to stop. B-15 watched as Loki talked and stalled for time, reminding Loki and Mobius multiple times that they were running out of time to look for C-20. After Mobius saw through Loki's lie, B-15 started to reset the timeline.[2]

Roxxcart Mission

After Mobius got permission to carry out a mission to try and corner the Loki Variant, B-15 entered for the briefing in time to see Mobius give Loki some daggers, which she promptly took away and stashed in her own locker before starting the briefing. She explained they would be going to Roxxcart, a common superstore in the 2050s era, and explained that the warehouse section was being used by civilians as a shelter from a hurricane. She reminded them that this event is considered a Class 10 Apocalypse, and that the Variant Loki inside most likely knows they are coming and should be considered hostile, as he had stolen reset charges and had some sort of plan that they did not know about. She told them to keep an eye out for the missing charges and to prune any Loki they see, other than the Loki working with them.

They then deployed to the Roxxcart store in Haven Hills, Alabama in 2050, where a hurricane was occurring, before entering the store. She was taken off guard when Loki used his magic to dry himself, and Loki was annoyed that she was put off by every move he made. She then ordered the Minutemen to take both of their teams to sweep the storm shelter for any reset charges. When Mobius began to take Loki with him to check the greenhouse, B-15 stopped him and said that Loki would be coming with her and Mobius with Hunter D-90. Mobius argued that it was his mission, but B-15 said it was her field op and that Loki was a threat. When Mobius continued to argue, she told him that he was welcome to hash it out back at the TVA, but Mobius said that they were too far into the mission and Loki stopped the argument and went with B-15 so that he could earn her trust.

B-15 and Loki then began to scour the aisles looking for reset charges or the Variant Loki and did not say anything to each other. When Loki tried to talk, B-15 told him to be quiet, before she heard a suspicious noise. Quietly turning the corner, she found a man in the plant aisle, apparently shopping. She pointed her weapon at him and he put his hands in the air. When asked why he was shopping for plants in a hurricane, he said that the plants were on sale because of the storm. She asked Loki if the man could possibly be the Variant Loki, to which Loki replied that although he would've worn a suit, it's still a possibility. B-15 then approached the man to search him, and he grabbed her hand, transferring green magic to her before the man promptly passed out.[2]

Possessed by Variant Loki

When Loki asked if the passed out man was dead, B-15, now being controlled by Variant Loki, told him that they usually don't die, before noting with interest that Loki was the fool the TVA brought to hunt Variant Loki down. Loki immediately realized that he was currently talking to Variant Loki, and B-15 said that if Loki was anyone, he was Variant Loki before grinning cheekily at him. Loki then introduced himself.

Variant Loki then led Loki on a walk through the store, as Loki told her that her methods of possession were clever if not cowardly, and Variant Loki told him that he was just as cowardly for working with the TVA. Loki said that he was working for himself, but Variant Loki doubted it. When a store helped named Randy walked up to the two and asked if they needed help finding the shelter, she said no before transferring possession from B-15 to Randy, and B-15 passed out. Loki took a second to check up on her before he continued talking with Variant Loki through Randy.

B-15 woke up shortly after, unaware of what fully happened. She regrouped with Mobius and the Minutemen and went to find Loki, finding him in front of an open portal. They chased him down the aisle, telling him to wait, but he went through the portal and it closed before they could stop him.[2]


"He should be reset!"
"You think everyone should be reset!"
―Hunter B-15 and Mobius M. Mobius[src]

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  • Master Combatant: Hunter B-15 is skilled in multiple forms of combat, holding her own against the the equally-skilled Loki with the aid of her baton, but failing to do so the second time due to Loki managing to use a Time Twister to teleport her away.



  • TVA Baton: B-15 uses this baton to beat and slow people down, as well as to "reset" them. She used the baton to slow down Loki and put the TVA collar when on him on their first encounter. She later used it to ambush Loki when he attempted to run from the TVA headquarters. She almost reset Casey with the baton, however she decided against it.
  • Machete: To be added

Other Equipment

  • Uniform: To be added
  • Tesseract: B-15 carried the Tesseract after arresting Loki and taking him to the TVA, where she passed it to Casey to be archived.
  • Time Twister: She used this device to control Loki in the TVA, returning him to his initial position when he tried to escape from her.
  • Timedoor: To be added


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