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"Humans are odd. They think order and chaos are somehow opposites and... try to control what won't be. But there is grace in their failings. I think you missed that."
"They're doomed."
"Yes. But a thing isn't beautiful because it lasts. It's a privilege to be among them."
Vision and Ultron[src]

Humans (Homo sapiens) are the intelligent inhabitants of Earth. The races of the Nine Realms refer to humans as Mortals, while the various extraterrestrial cultures living beyond the realms use the term Terrans, and the Demons call them Oppressors.


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Technology and Weapons

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Characteristic Traits

"She is mortal. Illness is their defining trait."

Having very limited space-faring capabilities, humans are not well known across the galaxy nor the other Realms.[1] They have a common appearance, most similar to Asgardians[1] and Xandarians but with the same anatomical features of the many other humanoid races.[2] Their biology is considered "simple" by the Kree,[3] is markedly different from Asgardians,[4] and similar enough to be sexually compatible with Krylorians.[2] They have short lifespans compared to certain races such as the Kree,[2] Asgardians,[5] Jotuns,[1] and Celestials,[2] and thus are often referred to as "mortal." While humans are outclassed in terms of physical ability such as strength, speed, and reflexes by races such as Asgardians and Jotuns,[6] they are largely on par with races such as Xandarians, Krylorians, Centaurians,[2] Chitauri,[6] and Dark Elves[5]. However, highly trained human fighters (such as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents) have been observed to defeat Kree on multiple occasions.[7]

Humans are also seen to not have the biological fortitude to wield the Infinity Stones, as do Dark Elves,[5] Celestials, Titans, and Kree.[2] However, two human beings were able to concurrently use the power of the Infinity Stones, a feat which only Thanos had displayed before. Bruce Banner used the Nano Gauntlet to resurrect everyone killed in the Snap, although using the Infinity Stones had damaged his arm. Through the use of his suit, Tony Stark materialized a makeshift Nano Gauntlet to utilize the near-omnipotent power of the Infinity Stones to decimate Thanos, an omnicidal galactic warlord, and all of his armies, even though using such tremendous power also fatally wounded Stark.[8]

Human beings also make up for their lack of superhuman physical powers in terms of intelligence and adaptability. Some humans have been enhanced through science or items like the Infinity Stones. There are also human beings who can utilize mystical arts to attain reality warping abilities or be exposed to some form of dimensional energy in order to attain superhuman abilities. Generally speaking, humans are described as being incredibly keen on using a wide range of weapons to compensate their lack of physical abilities, especially firearms, a trait for which the Remorath held them in contempt,[9] while Sarge noticed that he had never seen a planet with inhabitants so fond of using guns before he visited Earth.[10]

According to Atarah, a member of the Chronicom race whose specialty was to observe and to document the evolution of intelligent species, humans have a strong tendency to tell lies in order to get themselves out of difficult situations.[11] The entity Izel also criticized humans for having poor control over their emotions and letting themselves be dominated by what they feared the most, thus limiting their imaginations and "power of creation".[12] The human tendency to behave irrationally was also observed by the Chronicom Predictor Sibyl, who believed it stemmed from their fear of death, either their own death or that of loved ones. On the other side of this spectrum, Phil Coulson's Chronicom LMD has argued that their relatively short lifespan makes humans understand the value of sacrifice and thus gives them the strength and willpower to actively fight for what they hold dear, even if it causes them to put their lives at risk.[13]

Humans are also susceptible to possession by demons. The Spirit of Vengeance is able to possess humans and move from person to person. The person the Spirit of Vengeance is possessing is able to control when the Spirit takes over their body.[14][15] Other demons, such as Kthara and Basar, trap their hosts in their worst memory, leaving them to be completely controlled by the demons. However, some humans are strong enough to outwit demons and resume control of their body, such as Victoria Helstrom being able to fight Kthara, a notably strong demon.[16] Humans who are incredibly faithful can momentarily resume control of their body when being prayed for.[17]

Notable Humans

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