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"Bruce? Three of Ross' armored units have been KO'd by the Enclave. I'm guessing they want that armor. I know it sounds crazy to suggest helping Ross, but I don't think we can let the Enclave get an advantage like that!"
"I guess the enemy of my enemy is the lesser of two evils..."
Rick Jones and Bruce Banner[src]

The Hulkbusters were a unit of the United States Armed Forces deployed by General Thaddeus Ross to capture and defeat the Hulk. They wore enhanced armor created by Stark Industries.


The Hulkbusters were targeted in Central Park by the Enclave, who sought to steal their armor. The Enclave disabled their suits, rendering them powerless to fight back. The Hulk rescued them after Rick Jones warned him of the devastation that the Enclave could cause if they got their hands on the armor. Afterwards, the Hulkbusters wondered why the Hulk had saved them, and began to suspect that perhaps General Ross was wrong about him.

One of the Hulkbusters that the Hulk rescued soon sought his help to destroy the Enclave's F-POD. The mission was a success, and the Hulkbuster thanked the Hulk and promised to mention in his report that he had helped.

When Major Glenn Talbot's forces captured Betty Ross, the Hulk went to rescued her and discovered that she was trapped in a electrified box. Members of Talbot's unit arrived, one of them in Hulkbuster armor. As they fought, the Hulk destroyed the generators electrifying the box by throwing the Hulkbuster into them. With the box removed, Betty alerted the Hulkbuster of her identity. The surprised Hulkbuster released her from the cage and went to inform General Thaddeus Ross that Talbot had kidnapped his daughter.

Glenn Talbot in Hulkbuster armor

When Ross learned that Talbot had kidnapped his daughter, he and his forces surrounded Talbot's base. Ross ordered Talbot to give himself up, calling him a disgrace. Talbot emerged from the base in Hulkbuster armor and attacked Ross' soldiers. Jones warned Banner that Talbot's suit was powered by a mini nuclear reactor that could destroy the entirety of New York City if detonated. As the Hulk, Banner fought Talbot. Talbot activated his suit's self-destruct sequence, intending to kill the Hulk with no regard for his own life or any civilans. To prevent collateral damage, Hulk grabbed Talbot and threw him into the air where his suit exploded, killing him.[1]


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