Hulk's Stretchable Suit is a suit, worn by Hulk, with the main feature of stretching to fit his physical form.


Due to having found a well-working and permanent balance between his human form and his Hulk form, Bruce Banner needed new outfits better suited to his new appearance. Among the new clothes and suit he acquired were a stretchable suit which covered his entire body from ankle to shoulder.

Hulk wore this suit just before the Blip as he stepped forward to wield the Nano Gauntlet equipped with the Infinity Stones. As he activated the gauntlet and snapped his fingers, the colossal amount of energy and radiation emitted cause all the right arm of the suit to be heavily burnt, although Iron Man limited the extent of the damage with his own suit's cold spray.

Hulk later wore the stretchable suit during the subsequent Battle of Earth, when it only suffered from limited damage during Hulk's fight against the Outriders.[1]


The suit's primary feature was its ability to stretch so it could efficiently cover Hulk's body for protection. It was highly resistant, although it suffered from heavy damage when Hulk performed the Blip, as it sustained many Outriders' attack during the Battle of Earth.


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