Hugin and Munin are Odin's two raven familiars.


Hugin and Munin were present during Thor's failed coronation ceremony, sitting atop either side of Odin's throne. They later watched over Odin while he was in Odinsleep.[1]

During Loki's invasion of Earth, the ravens followed Thor to Earth, sent by Odin to watch over his sons and bring him the news. When Thor took Loki from the Quinjet, they were perched on some rocks just before Thor and Loki slammed into the ground, and were later flying by the mountaintop while the brothers were talking.[2]

Also, they were near Odin, and one of them flew down to Odin's arm, when the king greeted Thor after his return from restoring peace in Vanaheim.[3]




  • In the comics, Hugin and Munin are said to be Odin's eyes and ears for the happenings of his realm and beyond, and also the ones who would warn Odin about the coming of Ragnarök.
  • Odin built a perch on each side of his bed, one for each bird.[1]


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