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"Ladies. Later on, we'll hit the grotto and I'll show some of you exactly why they call me "Iron Man". Is that cool, Hef?"
"It's your world, Tony. We're just living in it."
Tony Stark and Hugh Hefner[src]

Hugh Marston Hefner, best known as Hef, is an American magazine publisher and life-stylist. He was an acquaintance of the Stark Industries CEO Tony Stark, best known as Iron Man.


Friendship with Tony Stark

"You look great, Hef."
Tony Stark mistaking the Watcher Informant with Hugh Hefner[src]

By 2009, Hugh Hefner and Tony Stark, CEO of Stark Industries, were very good friends. During the third annual benefit dinner for the Fire-fighters Family Fund in Malibu, California, Tony apparently crossed paths with Hugh, assuring him that he looked great. Unknown to Stark, however, the individual he had seen with the red bathrobe and accompanied by two models wasn't actually Hugh.[1]

When Stark confirmed to the media that he was Iron Man, Hugh Hefner was one of the guests to Stark's party, where he told the female guests that he will show some of them why they called him "Iron Man", to which he asked Hefner if that sounded cool, leading Hef to tell him that it was his world and they were just living in it.[2]





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