Hridgandr is a metal mace with retractable spikes, and the weapon of choice for Hogun, a member of the Warriors Three.


Loki's Mischiefs

Hogun used his mace in the brief bout against the Frost Giants on Jotunheim, then again against the Destroyer on Earth.[1]

Battle of Vanaheim

Hogun took part in the battle against the Marauders across the Nine Realms, once again armed with his mace.[2]

Fight Against Hela

Hogun brandished his mace when Hela attempted to conquer Asgard. He managed to block several of her blades she threw at him with the mace, and even landed a blow on her face, but Hela remained largely unaffected and easily defeated him, eventually killing him.[3]


Believed to be Asgardian in nature, this mace was used in battle by the Vanir Hogun. The mace has retractable spikes, making it an extremely deadly, if not crude, weapon. At the beginning it has no prongs, but when the combat arrives they automatically leave, indicating the advanced Asgardian technology.


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