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The Howling Commandos were an elite combat unit that had been led by Captain Carter during World War II.


World War II

Liberation of Allied Prisoners of War

The soldiers are rescued by Captain Carter

The Howling Commandos were formed during World War II after several POWs were rescued by Captain Carter during her mission to rescue Bucky Barnes with Steve Rogers. Following their liberation, the new unit went throughout Western Europe to eliminate every HYDRA base they could find.[1]

Attack on the HYDRA Train

The Commandos witness Rogers's "death"

Following their battles against HYDRA, they planned to attack the HYDRA train in order to find and assassinate Red Skull. While Steve Rogers tried to slow down the train, the Howling Commandos boarded the train, with Bucky Barnes nearly falling off. As Rogers entered through one of the cars to capture Red Skull, he realized that it was filled with explosives, which caused the train to be destroyed. The unit headed towards the explosion, looking for Rogers, but to no avail.[1]

Attack on Castle de Krake

Bucky Barnes' group finds Steve Rogers

Following Steve Rogers's "death", the Howling Commandos met with John Flynn and Howard Stark to discuss their plan to attack one of HYDRA's main bases: the Castle de Krake. Though it de-motivated the unit alongside Flynn's remarks, the unit agreed to join Captain Carter. The Howling Commandos began their attack with Captain Carter leading the unit deeper into the castle's grounds. The unit split up between Captain Carter, who went to look for Red Skull, and Bucky Barnes, who went to clear out the rest of the castle. However, Barnes' group found the HYDRA Stomper Armor alongside Rogers.ref name="WI101"/>

Carter fights the Champion of HYDRA

Meanwhile, Carter and Stark found Red Skull, who was in the middle of summoning the Champion of HYDRA. However, the Champion of HYDRA grabbed Red Skull and crushed him, causing Captain Carter and Stark to rethink their plan. As Stark reached the controls, Captain Carter continued to fight against the Champion of HYDRA as they were joined by Rogers and the rest of the unit. As the Commandos attacked the Champion of HYDRA, it started to destroy the entire castle. Steve was able to save the Commandos while he went back inside to rescue Captain Carter. However, Captain Carter pushed the Champion of HYDRA back into the wormhole as Howard shut down the machine.[1]


Name Position Status
Peggy Carter Leader Alive
Steve Rogers Alive
Dum Dum Dugan Alive
Bucky Barnes Alive
Jim Morita Alive
James Montgomery Falsworth Alive
Jacques Dernier Alive
Gabe Jones Alive





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