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Howard Stark's Estate is the residence of Howard Stark in Los Angeles.


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Settling on the West Cost

After acquiring a defense contract, Howard Stark moved to Los Angeles California after he found he enjoyed the new scenery. Edwin Jarvis, Stark's butler, was in charged of managing Stark's new estate. One of his duties was tending to the menagerie of exotic animals Howard had started to keep.[1]

Peggy Arrives

Upon her arrival in California, Jarvis informed Agent Peggy Carter that was free to stay at the estate for the duration of her stay in Los Angeles. Later that day, Jarvis brought Peggy to the estate where she met Jarvis' wife Ana for the first time. When Carter stated she had to find appropriate attire to wear to the race track, Ana offered to help her and showed her an entire wardrobe of clothes appropriate for her work.[1]

Morning Sparring Session

Peggy came across Jarvis in the midst of his usual early morning training session by the estate's pool. Jarvis informed her that he had started training since their adventures in New York. He informed Miss Carter that his training focused on boxing and judo, exclaiming he had become "rather a dangerous judoka." When Carter showed skepticism at his claims, Jarvis challenged her to attack him, stating he could take her. He proceeded to poke and taunt her despite her claims she would not attack him. Finally, Carter flipped Jarvis onto his back but he retaliated and managed to pin her to the ground, greatly surprising the agent. They two were interrupted by Ana who causally asked Carter if her husband had caughrt her with his "Tortoise of Fury" move. Once they had gotten up off the ground, Peggy asked Jarvis for a ride to the office.[2]

Evening Amusement

Ana watched from inside the mansion at her husband as he struggled in vain to contain Bernard. As she watched, she noticed that Howard Stark's distresses signal was flashing and quickly alerted her husband that Peggy was in need of assistance.[2]

Pool Party

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Peggy found Howard holding a pool party with a number of attractive women. Jarvis, who was bring Howard a drink mentioned that they were listed as being production assistances and that none of them were useful at all. Howard then appeared and when Peggy stated that they had work to do, Howard stated that he was working by thinking. He then commented that the attractive women he had invited helped him think. Carter proceeded to say that she needed to know more about the Arena Club, its members and activates. When Howard informed her that the club was men only and she would not be able to gain entrance, Peggy stated that her plan would be to his liking. Peggy then took his drink and withheld it so that he would listen to her plan.[3]


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