Howard is an employee at Geoffrey Wilder Construction Inc.


Darius Davis' Attack

"You know, this job is being bankrolled by some powerful people. They're not gonna like this."
"Yeah, that's kind of the point. Oh, and when you call Geoffrey Wilder, tell him Darius Davis says hello."
―Howard and Darius Davis[src]

Howard was working on the PRIDE Construction Site, which was being run by Geoffrey Wilder Construction Inc. when he saw the arrival of several cars transporting armed men: the Crips, the former gang of Geoffrey Wilder which was being led by Darius Davis. As Howard protested against their interference, Davis told him that all of his employees had to go and that he was allowed to warn Wilder about what was happening on the site. Howard called Wilder and suggested calling the police, but Wilder refused, stating that he would handle the matter himself.

Effectively, Howard was later told that he and his men could return on the construction site and resume their work.[1]





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