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"I am the firstborn Taryan, Master of the House Kasius."
"Kasius. Well, that certainly has a ring."
Taryan and Glenn Talbot[src]

The House of Kasius is a noble family among the Kree under the rule of Taryan.


Joining the Confederacy

"Kasius is the most noble family in the Confederacy."

The House of Kasius was a noble Kree family. In an attempt to lay hands on the resources of Earth, which he called the "hidden blue gem", the leader of the House of Kasius Taryan allied with leaders of other extraterrestrial species within the alliance known as the Confederacy. The House of Kasius, which was considered the most noble family in the alliance, thus took part in the deal struck with HYDRA, with the family having a keen interest on the Inhumans, which had been engineered by the Kree millennia ago.[1]

Despite being promised to be delivered the powerful Inhuman Quake once Glenn Talbot seized control of the Confederacy, the House of Kasius failed to control her as well as other potential resources Earth had to offer since S.H.I.E.L.D. thwarted the Confederacy's plans.[2]

Alternate Timeline

"My father simply wanted me to oversee his Earth project personally."
"While your brother oversees the family empire."
Kasius and Gaius Ponarian[src]

In the alternate timeline where Earth was destroyed by Glenn Talbot, Taryan lost his interest in the "hidden blue gem". The House of Kasius still retained much of its glory, although it was tainted by the fact that Taryan's younger son Kasius had fled from battle instead of fighting to the death, thus bringing some form of disgrace onto the family.[3] In order to punish his son, Taryan exiled Kasius and gave him the task of overseeing whatever remained of Humanity in the Lighthouse while Faulnak remained at his father's side to administrate the House of Kasius' possessions.[4]

Kasius murdering his older brother Faulnak

This brought tension between both brothers. As a result, when Faulnak was sent by Taryan to assess the potential of Quake and purchase her for the family, Faulnak reminded Kasius of his disgraced status. When Quake escaped and the brothers waited for Sinara and Maston-Dar to bring her back, Faulnak kept speaking about how Kasius had brought shame onto his family. Fed up with his brother's belittling him, Kasius murdered him.[3]

Upon figuring that the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents present in the Lighthouse intended to return to their time where Earth still existed as a whole, Kasius sought to take advantage of it to offer his father the "hidden blue gem" he so much desired and redeem himself within the family. However, he was defeated and killed by S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Alphonso Mackenzie.[5]


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