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The Hotel Cosmopolitan is a low-profile hotel in New York City, New York.


Nitramene Retrieval Mission

Sasha Demidov set up a Remote Typewriter inside his hotel room in order to contact the Leviathan that tasked him with the recovery of the Nitramene from Spider Raymond.

Demidov informed them that Strategic Scientific Reserve Agent Peggy Carter obtained the device before he could arrive, and requested permission to kill her. The organization simply ordered him to complete his mission at all costs.[1]

Nitramene Buyer Mission


At the Hotel Cosmopolitan, Sasha Demidov communicated with his superiors from Leviathan through his Remote Typewriter, reporting that Leet Brannis had obtained the Nitramene that they were seeking to obtain. His superiors then answered that Leviathan was growing impatient, much to the man's annoyance.

Leviathan ordered the man to track Brannis and locate the Nitramene buyer, eliminating all opposition, so he used Spider Raymond's agenda to track a local Mob Boss that was one of the potential buyers.

Through the Mob Boss, Demidov tracked Gino DeLucia, a potential buyer of the Nitramene, and obtained Sheldon McFee's name and address from him. Demidov returned to his room in the Hotel Cosmopolitan, and informed his superiors that he located and killed the buyer, and was en route to intercept the Nitramene.[2]

Investigating the Room 424

Chief Roger Dooley and Agent Ray Krzeminski went to the Hotel Cosmopolitan in order to follow a lead, as a key from one of the rooms was found near Leet Brannis' corpse. Dooley asked the Building Manager about the man that had rented the room, but he could only reveal that the guest was a relatively clean but extremely silent man, and his usual visits only lasted for an hour. On their way to the room, they came across a prostitute that greeted Krzeminski, but he did not return the greet as he was on duty.

Dooley ordered Krzeminski to check the usual hiding places, despite the manager's complaints to be careful with the furniture. Krzeminski found cash and passports under different aliases that the Demidov had hidden in the armchair. Dooley, on the other hand, inspected the unusual typewriter on the desk, realizing it was a lead for their investigation.[3]


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