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"The London Sanctum has fallen. Only New York and Hong Kong remain now to shield us from the Dark Dimension."
Ancient One to Doctor Strange[src]

The Hong Kong Sanctum is one of the bases of the Masters of the Mystic Arts alongside the New York Sanctum and the London Sanctum.


Battle at the Hong Kong Sanctum

"Mordo, the London Sanctum has fallen. The New York one has been attacked twice. You know where they're going next."
Doctor Strange to Karl Mordo[src]

The Hong Kong Sanctum is threatened by the Dark Dimension

The Hong Kong Sanctum was the last Sanctum to be attacked by the Zealots in their crusade against the Masters of the Mystic Arts to unleash the Dark Dimension on Earth. Wong led a team of Masters of the Mystic Arts to defend the Sanctum against Kaecilius and his followers, but they were ultimately defeated, leading to the fall of the Hong Kong Sanctum, which was destroyed while the Dark Dimension invaded Earth.

However, the battle took a new turn as Doctor Strange and Karl Mordo joined the fight. Using the powers of the Eye of Agamotto, Strange successfully reverted time, which in turn led to the rebuilding of the Sanctum. The process was still when Kaecilius and the Zealots broke free of the spell, thus resuming the fight. Nonetheless, Strange ultimately managed to have Dormammu to call off the Zealots in the Dark Dimension and to leave Earth, which enabled the Sanctum to stand and be restored under the rule of Tina Minoru.[1]

Battle of Earth

In 2023, Wong went to the Hong Kong Sanctum and recruited the Masters of the Mystic Arts there to join the battle against an alternate Thanos. They used Inter-Dimensional Portals to transport themselves from the Sanctum to the Avengers Compound.[2]

New Master

By 2025, the Sanctum had a new Master protecting it.[3]



  • "Sanctum Sanctorum" is a Latin translation of the biblical term "Holy of Holies".


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