"Building has five floors. The first four are research. The fifth is listed as 'maintenance', but uses half the building's energy."
Phil Coulson to Quan Chen[src]

The Hong Kong Centipede Base is a building located in Hong Kong, China. It was occupied by the Centipede Project, and was eventually raided by S.H.I.E.L.D. in pursuit of Chan Ho Yin.


Hunting Scorch

After a brief investigation into the location of Chan Ho Yin, a S.H.I.E.L.D. team, comprised of Phil Coulson, Melinda May, and Quan Chen raided the building under suspicion that the fifth floor was using half of the building's energy. After May tracked a heat signature, Coulson placed a Pick-Lock Device on the door in front of them, breaking the lock and allowing them to enter.

After disarming two security guards, the team found Chan laying on the central bed. A remaining worker pressed a button, which placed the building in lock-down, but the man was quickly knocked unconscious by Coulson. Without notice, Scorch grabbed some nearby Centipede Serum, burned a hole in Quan's chest, killing him, and injected it into himself. Following a long argument as to Scorch's freedom within the situation, Coulson attempted to shoot him with a Night-Night Gun, but the flames around his body shielded his back. Coulson, who had run out of ammunition, attempted to escape the open area.

At the same time, Grant Ward and Skye were infiltrating a separate area of the building, attempting to open the building's doors for the other team. Raina and Debbie discussed S.H.I.E.L.D.'s infiltration, with Raina beginning to see Debbie as "bad luck." Skye successfully hacked into the building's security systems and unlocked the doors.

At the same time, Scorch had escaped from Coulson's team. After confirming that the building's computers were online with Jemma Simmons, she was informed to uncuff Miles Lydon. Scorch found Raina and Debbie in a hallway, with Raina closing the elevator door before Debbie could get inside. Debbie attempted to reason with Scorch, but was eventually burned to ashes in his rage. May and Coulson then approached him, with May tranquilizing him from behind.

As Scorch was now rigged to explode, Miles hacked into the building's computers and redirected airflow to the roof. As the now-conjoined team exited the building, an explosion of fire erupted from the roof, signaling that Chan had been killed.[1]


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