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"Come home, Frank. Let's go home."
"I am home."
Maria Castle and Frank Castle

Home is the twelfth episode of the first season of the television series The Punisher.


Frank makes a damning confession. A shootout leaves Sarah wondering what to believe. Rawlins goes in for the kill, once and for all.


At the Homeland Security Headquarters, Frank Castle records a confession about his activities in Kandahar for Dinah Madani. He admits that he was the one who killed Ahmad Zubair. Micro agrees to provide Madani with all the evidence she needs for the investigation, but only after his wife and son are safe.

Frank Castle and Micro await Anvil's arrival

Castle has agreed to the hostage exchange. Waiting at the wharf with Micro, Anvil agents arrive. They have Sarah and Zach with gas tanks strapped to their backs. Billy Russo himself is watching from a sniper vantage. As the exchange starts, Russo's men puncture both of the gas tanks so that a trail of petrol follows Sarah and Zach. They are understandably shocked to see Micro after believing he was dead for a year.

Homeland Security forces arrive and disrupt the transfer. During the firefight, Micro is shot in the back several times by a Homeland agent. Russo's men scoop up Castle and leave. Russo shoots out the tires on the Homeland Security vehicles to stop the pursuit.

Frank Castle dreams about his late wife

Castle dreams of dancing with Maria at their wedding. He wakes up in Micro's Hideout restrained in a chair. Russo tells him that Micro is dead, so it now falls to Castle to give him the password he needs to get into the computer files. Castle wants to know if Russo was involved in the deaths of his family. Russo admits that he knew about it, but he played no role.

At Homeland Security, it is revealed that Micro is not dead – his "death" was staged as part of a larger plan. He is finally reunited with his whole family.

William Rawlins arrives at the hideout and begins beating and interrogating Castle. Castle drifts in and out of consciousness, thinking of Maria.

Madani is furious with Castle. Part of the plan was allowing Homeland to track him to Russo's location, but Castle removed the tracker. Micro gives Madani all the evidence she needs but insists that his loyalty is to Castle because he owes him. Castle wanted the opportunity to go after Rawlins and Russo himself, so Micro granted him that.

Seemingly breaking under the torture, Castle agrees to input the deactivation code. However, it was a ruse to get close enough to a hidden shiv. He stabs Rawlins with it, but Rawlins and Russo subdue Castle.

Micro changes his mind about the plan and shows Madani security footage from the hideout. It was intended as a failsafe option if Castle failed to deal with Rawlins and Russo – at the very least, the world would see their guilt.

Billy Russo threatening to kill the Punisher

The alliance between Russo and Rawlins begins to fray, and they end up arguing and pulling weapons on each other. Russo backs down but not before secretly snipping the zip ties holding Castle wrists.

Castle dreams of Maria, almost accepting that his own death to join her. Rawlins injects Castle with adrenaline; Castle breaks away from Maria in his mind, snaps the zip ties and attacks Rawlins. In a furious beating, Castle finally kills Rawlins by gouging out his eyes and stabbing him in the neck simultaneously. Russo prepares to end Castle, but Madani and Homeland Security storm into the hideout, shooting Russo's arm and preventing him from doing so. Russo decides to escape.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
Billy's Lair Tyler Bates
You Do Something to Me Paul Weller Frank Castle dreams of dancing with Maria until he is awakened by Billy Russo. William Rawlins knocks out Castle. Castle dreams of making love with Maria. Russo tries to convince Castle to give in.
Frank's Choice Tyler Bates Billy Russo tells Frank Castle to choose between an easy death and a hard death. Maria Castle tells Castle that he has to choose. William Rawlins gives Castle a shot of adrenaline to revive him. Russo watches as Castle gets loose from his bindings and kills Rawlins.


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