"Sorry. I owe a life."

Holt was a survivor on the Lighthouse who got killed during the Renewal.


Killed in a Renewal

"He didn't have to die."
"Somebody did."
Melinda May and Tess[src]
Holt Shotgun

Holt fights during the Renewal

Holt was one of the survivors inhabiting the Lighthouse. He used to work for Grill but got fired for insubordination, so Grill refused to pay him. When a Renewal was organized, Holt was considered one of the least productive workers of the station. Thus, he had to fight to the death and kill another selected person. Holt managed to pick up a shotgun and started shooting before heading to the Salvage. Holt claimed that Grill had not paid him enough and that it was the reason he had been forced to take part in the renewal. However, Grill offered to pay for this by leaving Phil Coulson, Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez defenseless and to be killed by Holt. Holt intended to do so, but he was stopped by Melinda May and eventually shot by Tess.[1]


  • Metrics: Like all the inhabitants of the Lighthouse, Holt was equipped with a Metric. The Metric's lights, normally blue, turned to red during the Renewal, signalling that Holt was one of the people designated to fight to survive.
  • Remington 870 (Short Barreled): During the Renewal, the Kree left a shotgun that Holt managed to reclaim in order to kill another survivor.



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