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"Once a soldier, always a soldier."
― Holo[src]

Holo is the United States Army veteran who lived in Hawaii and assisted Gorgon in his fight against the Attilan Royal Guard.


Former Soldier

"Lucky and me? We did two tours in Korangal Valley."
― Holo[src]

During his time in the United States Army, Holo went twice in the Korangal Valley in Afghanistan along with Lucky. They later left the army and moved to Oahu, where he joined the Makapu'u Surfers.[1]

Meeting Gorgon

"I have to wait here until they send someone to bring me back."
"Back where?"
"The Moon."
Gorgon, Makani and Holo[src]

Holo meets Gorgon

While surfing with the Makapu'u Surfers, Holo and Makani saw a man drowning in the ocean. They rescued him and brought him to Makapu'u Beach. Their rescuee turned out to be Gorgon, a member of the Inhuman Royal Family who had been exiled onto Earth. Gorgon told his story to the surfers, including Holo, and they agreed to help him in his fight against the rebellious Attilan Royal Guard.[2]

Ambush in Oahu

"We had a king once. And then mainlanders came and decided we were a state. I'll fight for your king in honor of mine."
― Holo to Gorgon[src]

Holo prepared to fight against the Attilan Royal Guard led by Auran. While Gorgon tried to dissuade Holo and the others from helping him as they could easily be overpowered and killed by the Inhumans, Holo insisted on staying, mentioning his military past and how he felt honored to fight for Gorgon's king in memory of the former Hawaiian kings. Along with Gorgon, the Makapu'u Surfers prepared an ambush in the forest of Oahu. Holo climbed into a tree and waited for their opponents to come. Once Auran and her troops arrived, Holo and the others attacked them, with Holo shooting at Auran with his assault rifle.

During the fight, Flora used her powers to shake the trees from which Holo was shooting, forcing him to go down. As Auran instructed Mordis to join in the battle, Gorgon ordered the surfers to leave as he followed them with Lucky's body.[1]

Parting Ways

"You feel like family. And I must protect my family."
Gorgon to the Makapu'u Surfers[src]

Holo remained with Gorgon and the other Makapu'u Surfers. Holo was willing to help Gorgon find his cousin Karnak, however, Gorgon ultimately convinced his allies to leave him for their own protection, which they agreed to do.[3]