"If we're going to end this once and for all, we need to open the rift, knock the Zero Matter out of Whitney, and send it back to wherever it came from."
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Hollywood Ending is the tenth and final episode of the second season of the television series Agent Carter, and the eighteenth and final episode of the series overall.


Peggy must make the ultimate sacrifice in order to destroy Zero Matter.


Hostage Edwin Jarvis

Jason Wilkes expels the Zero Matter within him in a violent explosion that is felt by Peggy Carter, Daniel Sousa, Aloysius Samberly, and Jack Thompson outside the Los Angeles Waste Management Facility; the agents go to investigate and find Wilkes alive, no sign of Vernon Masters, and Whitney Frost absorbing the black substance into herself. Everyone flees as her power increases. As Frost pursues, she gets hit by a car driven by Edwin Jarvis and containing Howard Stark. Everyone gets inside the car and the car brought by Samberly as Frost stands and frowns.

At the Auerbach Theatrical Agency, Sousa and Thompson arrest Agents Harper and Vega and all other Strategic Scientific Reserve agents loyal to Masters. Stark and Carter interview Wilkes to learn what happened to him in the other dimension and how powerful Frost has now become. Stark tells Wilkes that he is now free of the Zero Matter.

Meanwhile, Frost has left the Facility and has begun to cover her bedroom walls with formulas and thoughts; she plans to make a permanent opening for the Zero Matter to infect the Earth. Frost's distance angers Joseph Manfredi; he feels that this is not the woman with whom he fell in love. Nonna Manfredi advises him to make a deal with the devil, a title she gave to Carter, if he wants the real Whitney Frost back.

While eating a late breakfast, Stark, Carter, and Wilkes discuss creating a new Gamma Cannon and what to do with the Zero Matter once they separate it from Frost. Jarvis introduces Manfredi at gunpoint to the trio, before all realize that Manfredi and Stark are old friends. They devise a plan to distract Frost long enough to read her formulas and steal her plans for a "Rift Generator", as Carter later names it.

Thompson, though not a scientist, joins the team; Carter regulates him to gather their lunch order. Thompson looks through Masters' belongings and discovers that the pin from the Arena Club is actually a key.

Whitney Frost - Losing her Zero Matter

Whitney Frost loses her Zero Matter powers

The team goes to the Stark Pictures lot and opens the rift; Frost feels the opening and is drawn to it. Stark fires the Gamma Cannon at Frost and she loses all of her Zero Matter back to the dimension; she is then arrested.

However, no one can deactivate the rift without being drawn into it. As the others talk about closing it, Sousa makes a tether and goes to do it. Sousa begins to get sucked inside when the others grab his tether. Jarvis brings the Hovercar, loads it with the gamma core, and sends it into the rift, closing it.

The next day, Stark has offered Wilkes a job working for him. Wilkes and Carter end their tryst amicably, just as Ana Jarvis comes home from the hospital. Edwin, as usual, gets upset when Carter says that she has called a taxi to take her from the Estate; Ana talks Carter into letting Edwin drive her.

Jack Thompson - Shot

Jack Thompson is shot and left for dead

Frost has lost her sanity and talks in a mirror to Calvin Chadwick. Manfredi looks in on her at the asylum. The Isodyne Energy case is now officially closed; with Sousa no longer her superior, Carter begins a relationship with him.

Thompson meanwhile is packing his bags to return to New York City when he learns that Carter plans to stay in Los Angeles for a while longer. When he answers a knock on his hotel door, he is shot. The man steals the redacted file on Carter and leaves.


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