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"This firm is my legacy and your future."
Jeri Hogarth to Malcolm Ducasse[src]

Hogarth & Associates is a law firm established by Jeri Hogarth after gaining severance and leaving Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz.


Starting Ground

Jeri Hogarth multitasked between a phone call with a client and selecting between designs for the new law firm's logo with her new assistant. From a knock at her door, Hogarth was greeted by Cheng Consulting investigators Pryce Cheng and Malcolm Ducasse, with whom she conversed to about a case that she willed them to take.[1]

Defending Supers

"I have been studying a new and very treacherous legal specialty. The defense of the superhuman vigilante. Jeryn Hogarth and her firm are leading this charge."
Peter Lyonne[src]

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New Direction

"No one, powered or otherwise, should be above the law. Hence, Hogarth & Associates is making it our business to stop them."
Jeri Hogarth[src]

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Name Position Status
Jeri Hogarth Managing Partner, Name Partner, Lawyer Active
Zaya Okonjo Lawyer Active
Berman Lawyer Active
Malcolm Ducasse Associate Investigator Inactive
Char Assistant Active


Name Case Verdict
Rand Enterprises
Cody Willamet
Reid Pearson Rape Won
Mathias Cole
Trish Walker No Trial
Dorothy Walker
Gregory Sallinger Murder No Trial
Kith Lyonne No Trial


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