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"I accept your authority in this negotiation, Mrs. Yang. Shall we begin?"
―Ho to Sherry Yang[src]

Ho was the leader of the Golden Tigers who, in an attempt to stop the impending war between the Yangsi Gonshi and the Golden Tigers, had attempted to negotiate peace with Sherry Yang, only for the negotiations to fail and the war to continue. Before the Triad War could go any further however, Ho was personally confronted by Davos, who had already begun his mission to wipe out the Triads and brutally murdered him.


Triad War

Meeting with Sherry Yang

"The docks were ours for over three decades. Twenty percent."
"And then they weren't. Thirty-five percent."
"It's a matter of honor."
"No, it's pride. These are fair terms. Take them or bring on the war."
―Ho and Sherry Yang[src]

Ho waiting to meet with the Yangsi Gonshi

As tensions between the Golden Tigers and the Yangsi Gonshi had continued to escalate, Ho arranged a peace meeting between him and Hai-Qing Yang. Eventually Ho was greeted by Sherry Yang, as Ho noted that he had agreed to meet with her husband and not her, only for Yang to calmly explain that her husband sent apologizes and that she had already been gifted with the Dragon Head Baton which gave her permission to speak on behalf of the Yangsi Gonshi, which Ho accepted as their peace negotiations had begun, with Ho offering Yang some tea as a peace offering.

Ho argues on behalf of owning the docks

Ho and Yang had then begun discussing who should gain power of the Red Hook Pier and at what price it should be paid for, with Yang then offering control of the docks in exchange for Ho's New Jersey real estate holdings at forty five percent, while Ho tried to argue their price down to fifteen percent. While Ho had then argued that all the docks belonged to the Tigers for three decades and it was a matter of honor, not pride, their meeting was interrupted by Danny Rand who was attempting to get Yang out, believing that Ho had secretly set up a trap for Yang, an insult which had greatly angered him.

Ho orders his men to attack Danny Rand

While Yang took Rand's advice and swiftly left with Colleen Wing, Ho became annoyed and then ordered Chen Wu to go after them while having the rest of his men confront Rand, arming themselves with their blades, only for Rand to prove himself to be a formidable fighter as he easily subdued several of Ho's men without breaking a sweat. Annoyed, Ho ordered his men to kill Rand, who revealed himself to be the Iron Fist and used his Chi power to punch the table with all his might, which had created a massive shockwave which subdued Ho and all the other Golden Tigers by launching them backwards.[2]

Confronted by Davos

Ho drinks and relaxes inside his nightclub

"If that was an audition I'm impressed."
"I'm here to tell you the Triad War is over."
"No. Is that so?"
"I will end it."
―Ho and Davos[src]

While relaxing in the Golden Tigers' Nightclub, Ho had witnessed the arrival of Davos into the club, who had calmly proceeded to fight and subdue multiple guards who were twice his size, as Davos made his way over to Ho, who had been sat with several beautiful young women while enjoying a glass of whiskey. When Davos kicked one of Ho's men down the stairs and into a table, having several young women panicked.

Ho being abruptly confronted by Davos

As the girls had run away, Ho calmly greeted Davos by raising a glass to him and questioning if this was Davos' way of auditioning to join the Golden Tigers as one of his bodyguards, as Ho claimed that if it was, then he was impressed by his skills. Davos, however, informed Ho that the Triad War was now over, while promising that he would personally end it, as Ho turned to Chen Wu and laughed at Davos' threat, before ordering more of his men to surround Davos. However, Ho witnessed Davos using incredible skill to brutally kill both the men in seconds by disarming them and slashing their throats open.

Ho being killed by Davos with the Iron Fist

Seeing that his guards were no match for Davos, Ho calmly finished his drink and then pushed his table away and got up to fight against Davos himself. Confidently standing against Davos, Ho and his new enemy looked each other up and down, before Ho quickly reached into his jacket to draw his blade and cut Davos down, only for Davos to use the Iron Fist to punch Ho directly in the chest, with the force breaking several of Ho's bones and launching him backwards into the wall. The incredible force of the impact had shattered Ho's spine and caved the back of his head in, which killed him instantly.[3]


Police Investigation

"This guy, though, he's a mess. Blunt force trauma to the chest like nothing I've ever seen. Whatever hit him, threw him across the room into the wall so hard, it shattered his spine and caved the back of his head in."
Sammy to Misty Knight[src]
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  • Knife: Seeing that his guards were killed by Davos, Ho got up to fight against Davos himself. However, when Ho quickly reached into his jacket to draw his knife and cut Davos down, he was killed by Davos through the usage of the Iron Fist.






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