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"The astronaut isn't even my greatest fear."
Jemma Simmons[src]

Hive was an illusion of the real Hive which was manifested from the Fear Dimension and tried to protect the rift before being destroyed by Deathlok. A second illusion of the real Hive, this time taking the form of one of the astronauts he possessed on Maveth, appeared and attempted to attack the Lighthouse, but it was also destroyed by Jemma Simmons.


Realised Fear

Protecting the Rift

The illusion of Hive was manifested by the Fear Dimension out of Phil Coulson's mind, who was still haunted by the dark Inhuman. Hive's illusion remained in the underground levels of the Lighthouse, where it protected the space-time rift generating the illusions and progressively expanding.

As Coulson blocked the rift with a Gravity Containment Device, Hive's illusion attempted to stop him, only to be destroyed by the combined efforts of Coulson and Deathlok.[1]

Astronaut Illusion

Some time later, the illusion was remanifested by the Fear Dimension in yet another attempt to overpower the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in the Lighthouse, this time taking on the astronaut form the original Hive used when first meeting Jemma Simmons. He attacked Simmons, Leo Fitz, and multiple other agents, but was quickly overpowered and shot in the face by Simmons.[2]




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