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"What's the play?"
"A little catch release."
"Nice. One of Nat's old moves."
Laura Barton and Clint Barton

Hide and Seek is the second episode of the first season of Hawkeye.


Clint has to help Kate disentangle herself from the Tracksuit mafia and a real-life murder mystery.


Kate and Clint watch the fire grow

After unmasking the girl in his Ronin attire as Kate Bishop, Clint Barton escorts the starstruck girl back to her apartment. The Tracksuit Mafia are one of the many enemies he made as Ronin, prompting him to retrieve the cowl from Bishop in an attempt to disentangle the mantle from her. But as Bishop wore the suit when she dropped her "Pizza Dog" off at the apartment, the Tracksuits are able to track down and ambush the pair there with molotov cocktails. With the suit surrounded by flames, Bishop attempts to use the fire extinguisher from afar, but it is ineffective. Thus, Barton, Bishop and the dog are forced to evacuate, leaving the suit behind for later retrieval.

Clint Barton tends to Kate Bishop's wounds

Aiming to hide Bishop away from the Tracksuits, they use her aunt's apartment as a safehouse while she is away on vacation. Returning to her place, Barton disguises himself as a firefighter to enter the smoldering building, but is unable to locate the article of equipment. While leaving, he notices a sticker of the New York City LARP on a firetruck. As Bishop departs for the night, Barton discovers a LARPer donning the cowl through a post on social media, forcing Barton to leave his family at the airport the next morning. As his daughter Lila expresses concern over her father's injuries, he promises to her he'll be home by Christmas.

Bishop is startled to learn that the NYPD has begun investigating the Ronin's connection to Armand Duquesne III's death, knowing that she was involved. As Barton attempts to convince Bishop on remaining in the apartment to avoid the Tracksuits, she insists on returning to work at a security firm her mother Eleanor owns, believing it to be the safest place for her. Before she leaves for the office, Barton obtains Bishop's number and instructs her to contact him only in emergencies, convinced that this would be their last encounter if he is able to resolve his conflict with the Tracksuits as planned. Bishop meets with Eleanor and attempts to inform her of her situation, but finds herself unsettled with Jack Duquesne's presence, knowing his association with the criminal underworld.

The NYPD contacts Bishop in regards to the apartment fire, but she stutters her way out of the call. Later, she joins her family in a dinner, where she would learn Duquesne shared her affinity for swordsmanship. Challenging him to a fencing duel, Bishop uses it in an attempt to convince her mother of Duquesne's involvement in Armand's killing. However, she refuses to acknowledge it, believing that the NYPD would handle the matter. To cool their tension, Duquesne offers Bishop a butterscotch with Armand's monograph on it. Recalling the candy piled in Armand's house on the night of his murder, she runs away.

Grills returns Ronin's Suit to Hawkeye

In Central Park, Barton joins the LARP to reach the LARPer with the Ronin suit. The man, recognizing Barton as Hawkeye, promises to give him the suit should he be given the honor of striking him down in a trial by combat. Barton agrees and the LARPer, revealing his name as Grills, follows through with his word. Stashing the armor in a locker, Barton calls his wife Laura, who is aware of his agenda, and tells her he won't make it back home for another day in order to confront the Tracksuit Mafia.

Bishop attempts to contact Barton and inform him of a possible lead, unaware that he had allowed himself to be captured by the Tracksuits. Tracking his location, she tries to infiltrate the building where he is being interrogated, but ultimately ends up getting captured herself. The Tracksuits' commander is then alerted to Barton and Bishop's presence.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
The Little Drummer Boy The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra & Crouch End Festival Chorus
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing David Ian and Acacia
Christmas Island Depeche Mode
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  • When Clint Barton meets Kate Bishop, he says "Who the hell are you?". However, in the same scene which played at the end of the previous episode, he said "And who the hell are you?".
  • Kate Bishop's phone shows her to be texting Clint Barton: "Miss me yet? [Send.] Don't pretend to be busy with your friends. [Send.] We both know that you don't have any. [Send.]". However, Hailee Steinfeld is only pressing the keys to type approximately: " AMSSJSNSHZAKBAMJZJSHUXJ".


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