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Corporal Hicks is a security officer who worked on Lamentis-1.


Meeting Variants

"Everything okay?"
"Yeah, everything's fine."
―Hicks and Hudson[src]

Loki and Sylvie Laufeydottir would try to get on the Lamentis-1' Train to get to the Ark, However Hudson would stop him asking for their tickets. Loki pretended to be one of his Co-Workers but Hudson didn't believe it. Hudson would ask Hicks a question about the two before Sylvie enchantment him. Hicks would ask if everything was ok which Hudson said it was. They would allowed the two to get on the train.[1]

Guarding the Escape Train

"Sir, can I see your tickets?"
"You again. Hello."
―Hicks and Loki[src]

After a while on the train Loki would take his disguise off and start to sing with the other passengers. Later Sylvie Laufeydottir would wake up confuse why Loki was not wearing his disguise. One of the passengers would go get Lamentis-1 guards. Hicks with other guards would come into the cart and ask where Loki tickets where. Loki remembering Hicks, tried to create tickets with his magic but accidentally created fireworks. Hicks would grab Loki an while another tried to do as well. Loki annoyed with the fact the guard touch him would eventually hit him leading to a fight. Loki fought Hicks and the other Lamentis-1 guard and temporarily stopping Hicks when he threw a energy blast at him. Eventually Hicks got up to fight again but Loki kick him out of the window waving goodbye to him.[1]