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Officer Herrera is a police official for the New York City Police Department, based in the 29th Precinct Police Station.


Herrera traveled a street one morning alongside his partner Officer Masterson. They came across a man they suspected was drunk, walking in the asphalt. Leaving the vehicle, they requested that the man showed identification and revealed his face. Upon removing his hood, Herrera and Masterson are caught in awe at the sight of Luke Cage. When Masterson attempted to cuff him, Cage retaliated, knocking him unconscious. Officer Herrera fired a few rounds, each one reflecting off his body; Cage disarmed him and launched the officer against the window shield of the squad car, incapacitating him.[1]

Eventually, the dashboard video of the incident was leaked to the press, specifically capturing Cage projecting Herrera.[2]



  • Glock 17: Officers Herrera and Masterson tried to arrest Luke Cage as he was a suspect for Cornell Stokes' murder. Upon realizing it was actually Cage, Masterson approached him weapon ready, but he was knocked out by Cage, who then shielded him as Herrera started shot until cage knocked him out too.






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