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"That's twice now that I owe you."
―Henry Yip to Colleen Wing[src]

Henry Yip was the owner of the Silver Lotus and the cousin of Frank Choi. Finding himself targeted to give protection money by both Ryhno's Gang and the Triads, Yip's life was rescued by the efforts of Colleen Wing and Danny Rand. However, still finding himself being targeted by gang violence, Yip was then confronted by Ryhno and his gang who had been taken over by Davos, who offered protection at no cost. Believing this to be a trick, Yip refused Davos' offer, resulting in Davos seeing Yip as dishonourable and then brutally murdering him.


Target of Violence

Questioned by Colleen Wing

"I'm looking for Frank Choi. I was told he was your cousin. This afternoon you said different."
"He's hiding from the Tigers."
"He owes them money."
"Does he pay for their protection, like you?"
"Everyone on this street does."
Colleen Wing and Henry Yip[src]

Henry Yip owned the Silver Lotus restaurant, and paid protection money to the Golden Tigers. His cousin, Frank Choi, owned a furniture store several blocks away.[1]

Members of Ryhno's Gang tried to shake him down for protection money outside his restaurant, but they were driven off by Colleen Wing who threatened to call the police. She was looking for Frank Choi as he had donated a box engraved with a mon to Bayard Community Center. Henry claimed to have no cousin by that name. In truth, Choi owed the Tigers money and had gone into hiding.[1]

Battle at the Silver Lotus

When the Ryhno's Gang again tried to extort money from Yip, they were beaten up by Wing, who was dining in the restaurant with Danny Rand. He then admitted the truth to her about Choi.[1]

Murdered by Davos

"It's just... I don't want to take sides."
"You're still in league with the Golden Tigers."
"No, I never was."
"You reject my offer to cling to your old ways."
―Henry Yip and Davos[src]

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