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A list of trivia related to Helstrom.

References to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

References to Marvel Comics

  • Characters from Marvel Comics adapted into the show are Daimon, Ana, and Victoria Helstrom (in the comics, "Hellstrom"), as well as Caretaker, Louise Hastings, Marduk, Kthara, Joshua Crow, Raum, Katherine Reynolds, and Lily (in the comics, "Lilith")
    • Gabriella Rosetti is a female version of Gabriel the Devil Hunter.
    • In the comics, Joshua Crow is a religious figure who was a bit of a patsy for demonic forces, and Trevor Roberts teased that without giving anything away, he thinks fans will feel satisfied that the main thematic elements of the comics are ALL over the series, but they have to expect that there’s going to be some twists and turns along the way. He does warn though that it’s rare that all of the source material makes it to the screen without a few tweaks here and there for the story or merging arcs of a few characters.[2]

Other Trivia

  • In an interview Alain Uy gave to Hello Asia, he described the character of Chris Yen he's playing in the series as his polar opposite because Chris, unlike him is always in control, well put together, and is extremely organised.[3]
    • When the audience first meets Chris, he is introduced as Ana Helstrom's business partner, as well as her partner in crime.[3]
    • Uy also talked about how Chris becomes Ana's surrogate brother in her chosen family. He is easily the voice of reason in this dynamic but finds himself at crossroads when Ana’s world starts to envelop him.[3]
    • Uy went onto so say that the role of Chris Yen is easily one of the darkest roles that he has have ever played.[3]
  • During the 2020 New York Comic Con panel for the series, Elizabeth Marvel who plays Victoria Helstrom mentioned that as an actor, she definitely tried to take in different inspirations from various horror films.[4]
  • In an interview that Trevor Roberts gave to MEA World Wide, he described the characte of Joshua Crow that he's playing in the series as on the surface, being a Catholic Priest and a confidant of the character Gabriella Rosetti. But that Father Crow wturns out to be much more than what he initially appears to be. [2]
    • Originally, Trevor Roberts had read for a role that was to appear in the first two episodes, but that as he was leaving the room, one of the producers leaned over to his assistant and said, not in a whisper, “I effing LOVED THAT guy!!”, and a month or so later his agent told him that Marvel Television wanted him to audition for another role.[2]
    • When it comes to Father Crow and how he might see the Helstrom siblings, Trevor Roberts said that he knows that the Helstrom kids are here to defeat the worst of humanity and well, which is something that aligns them with Father Crow’s own calling, in a very dark and oddly parallel way.[2]
  • On October 8, 2020, in an interview for Backstage Magazine, Elizabeth Marvel mention that she had so much fun playing Victoria on Helstrom.[5]
    • Marvel went onto say that it was so much fun to be all-powerful, but joked that it was also a relaxing experience because she didn’t have to do very much.[5]
    • Instead, she got to sit back and let other people endow her with the power she had to showcase as her character.[5]
    • She also revealed that she ended up doing a lot of her own stunts. At one point they had her in harnesses hanging upside down on the ceiling and running around the room on the walls.[5]
    • Lastly, she compared the Marvel Cinematic Universe with how giant and cosmic it is, to it being really Shakespearean at its core. Especially when one has to play those giant archetypes and those kinds of stakes are raised.[5]


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